The middle of the week- Woohoo!

So far today is starting off to be a fantabulous day! I know that isn’t a word but it should be.

My son sent me a text with a 96% on his AP Calculus test. This was a truly difficult test that he was stressing over the last couple days and every little bit of extra studying paid off. He won’t say it but Mom was right.

I applied for another job today and I feel like the cover letter and resume are OUTSTANDING. I really felt good about this one.

The wind is dying down and it is pretty warm outside, around 70 right now so I might be able to go for a run after the errands are done. Might be able to, of course my son has a tennis match later so I don’t want to miss that.

And… I have yet another article published. That makes three just this week.

The middle of the week is turning out to be fantabulous.  I hope the rest of your week is going well too! 



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