Stop sitting around- go do something

Every day we learn something new. It’s a good thing. We don’t want to just sit around and do nothing. That would be a waste. We aren’t created to sit and do nothing. If we were we’d be a lump of sand or coal or anything other than who we are.

Today I woke early and headed out to the tennis courts for actual lessons. I have ventured out before with my son who plays but never ‘learned’ how to play. So this past month I decided to head down to the city parks and recreation department and sign up. Glad I did. There are only two of us in the month long class so we will get plenty of instruction. For the hour that I am out there each Sunday morning I will learn the skills needed to hold my own on a tennis court and be able to play with others without feeling like a dope.

Already after the lesson today, I feel a bit more confident than before and can’t wait to get out there with my son and show him my new found skills.

So my lesson for the day is to take a risk and learn something new. You never know unless you try. Kind of like running that half-marathon you never thought you’d be able to run but could. That’s how I look at it. All it takes is a little push in the right direction, a butt to move off the couch and a commitment to try something different.

It’s the best feeling around right now.


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