Changing it up

I’m changing it up a little bit. I’ve added a new theme to my blog and hope that it worked. I was having a bit of trouble earlier with it and it seems to be holding for now but it could change again tomorrow, especially since it is a new month and all. Seeing that tomorrow is a new month, it will also be the end of No Madness March. Therefore along with the only good commentary that I have been posting I will likely vent again. Sorry folks there does come a time when you can only hold it in for so long. Anyhow, today it is a rain, blustery down out here in California and I am sipping my tea and changing things up. My blog, my paint colors in my bathroom and clearing out more junk that is unneeded and unwanted.  Spring cleaning is definitely top on the list.

I’ve already applied for a couple of positions today and as with the other hundreds that I have applied to I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be that one position out there that is the right one. It has to be better than the last and hopefully will come along soon.

So to the last day of the month, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay dry and be safe.



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