Reconnecting- its been a long time


Connecting with friends is always a great opportunity to catch up on what has been happening, especially if you do not see them all the time or if you have busy lives. Not everyone is joined at the ear or through the fingers via cell phone to communicate with their friends these days and as you get older you have families, work and various other commitments to take care of that prohibit you from spending all your time on the phone. 

I bring up friends today because recently we have found a long lost friend and are very excited to reconnect with them and their family. It has been over 20 years and way to long. Of course, 20 years ago there was the brick type cell phones, no FB, twitter, or other known applications to really keep in touch and if someone changed their phone number or moved then that’s what happened. You may have been lucky to find them if you stayed yourself in the same state. As events happen in our lives we begin to find people again and as we all know, some are for good reasons, and some not so good. But this is for a good reason.

Some individuals that we once “called friends” we may never want to see again, but in reality we know that won’t happen. They too will always be a friend in some form or fashion. It might just change to colleague or acquaintance. We will always have something that we know about them and will always share some bond with them. We just need to move on and foster new friendships and leave those behind who don’t value our time or reconnect with those who you haven’t been in touch with in years. You never know what lies on the horizon.

So today is to friendship. May you all have a pleasant day and reach out to a friend, even if it is just to say, “I was thinking about ya today.”



My Pride and Joy

We are asked to talk about our pride and joy. That one is easy-it’s my son.

Even when he can be a testy teenager, a stubborn son, or a pain in the *%#, he is still my pride and joy. He has his moments like all children do but throughout his life thus far he has been my sounding board, my star student, my sportsman, and my sympathizer. Now he is going off to college to grow up and become someone entirely awesome and do fantastic accomplishments. I couldn’t be a prouder mom.

He is my pride and joy.
Always has been, always will be.


Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

I took a look and found some shots I’ve taken of words (actual words) that were displayed on various vacations or jaunts we’ve taken. Here is my submission for the week. Enjoy!



Part of the Dole sign in the grass at the Dole Plantation on the island of O’ahu.



John’s Grill, San Francisco. Yum!


This was a larger than life crayola.

WPC: Letters

The sock dilemma


Laundry is something we all have to do. We need to wear clothes, but must they come to us like this:


Every week I get socks in the mix balled up and ready for the wash. Now I usually unball them and wash them appropriately, however, a teenager about to leave for college needs to start learning it’s ‘not ok’. Release your socks from their balled up mess and let them breath. They need to air out darn it!

So this week I am going to leave the sock balls. I might even leave only the sock balls and wash the rest of the clothes. Or maybe, just maybe I’ll leave all the clothes for my son to wash.

He needs to know I draw the line at sock balls from here on out.

It’s all in the dress

When my husband and I have somewhere to go, like a ball or commander’s dinner, I get the chance to play “dress up”. This is when I get the opportunity to splurge and go out on a limb and get a beautiful dress or ball gown. That is when I feel the most elegant and ‘sexy’ so to speak. It doesn’t have to be in the shoes, as I could wear flip-flops (satin), and have with a ball gown before and still felt like a diva. It just have to be a gown and an evening to make everything turn out just perfect.

So for me, it is all about the dress.

Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing

Scholarship Conundrum

My son has been applying for various scholarships and has been turned down again and again. Now if he was a student who did not have a stellar GPA, excellent test scores, community service rap sheet and the ability to put down on paper what he going to do with his life and why he has decided to go into the field he has chosen, I could see the reason to not grant a scholarship. I would truly understand, but what I don’t get it how scholarships are being awarded by programs today. A lot of scholarships are looking for academic excellence- check. Test scores- check. Community service- check. College acceptance- check. Financial need- what exactly do they mean as they do not quantify this on their forms?

This is where my problem with scholarship committee and scholarship awarding come into play.

Financial Need

As a previous Admissions and Records director I have seen students receive financial packages and waste their funding on clothes, cars, jewelry, smartphones, and then never go to class wondering why they are receiving F’s at the end of the term and then ask Financial Aid for more funding the next term. Well buddy, you never went to class and you took too many trips up to the ski resorts you aren’t getting the funding anymore. You kind of have to make it to the classroom and turn your work in, make the grade and then you might be able to keep getting funds. I say this because these same students are some of the students who receive these scholarships based on need.

Now I am out of work- unemployed. So for the scholarships that my son has applied, he lists that I am unemployed. However, his father’s job lists us well over the $40,000 threshold to be considered “in need”.  I don’t think it is fair because all scholarship committees do is look at the amount your parents make not the “college/university” tuition rate you will be paying that your real need is based on.

Committee Selection

Priority selection based on involvement in community. Not by the child but the parent. Well, sometimes that can’t happen because it costs $$. My husband can’t attend additional functions on top of his two commitments, one to his job and the other to the military, and being unemployed, we can’t afford for me to pay the fees to join. Oh, and they don’t do waivers. So there is no “selection” for our son for scholarships. Unfair and priority selection for those who can afford it.

I don’t know how others feel about this, but as a parent who keeps seeing their child receive rejection email after rejection email it is unnerving because I know committees aren’t looking at the whole package.

  • Academics
  • Community Service
  • College/University Accepted to
  • Financials Family “Can Contribute”
  • Test Scores
  • Essay/Personal Statement

Maybe if committees revise their scoring they will have a better selection of who they award scholarships too.