Honesty matters

A new month finally. I didn’t post yesterday as it was April Fool’s and all. Of course I felt like the fool and was annoyed last night when my lovely teenager decided to apply for a program at his soon to be college and really didn’t want to apply for it. Why apply then? Why not just say, ‘I really don’t think I want to do this. I think I would rather not.’ His ultimate answer, ‘I didn’t want to disappoint you and hear you get mad.’ Really. REALLY! I am more mad and disappointed now because he did apply instead of being upfront and honest. I would of rather had him not even put his name forward if he thought it would add additional work on top of his already hard major (Microbiology) and his Honors College studies. Hello, I may be driven to want him to do well, but I don’t want him to suffer in college next year.

You could see the flames coming out of my ears last night when he told me this. I don’t know sometimes how to get through to him. He doesn’t have to do everything perfect. I wish he’d understand that he just needs to be upfront about things. College is going to be tough and we will support him and have his back, but you have to be honest not only with us but with yourself.

Honesty matters.


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