Teach your children more than NO!

It’s a gorgeous day today. 80+ degree weather, slight breeze right now, birds are chirping, and I hear a mother yelling at her child from over the fence because he is resistant an immune to her constant screams. Yes, I am trying to enjoy y backyard and the weather and my beautiful furniture that I have back here but seriously the child rearing practices some people have need to improve.

This family I have mentioned before on here. Well now they don’t only have two children, but three now. The eldest child seems more jealous than before as you hear a constant, No!, No!, No! when he is asked to pick something up, to come inside, to stop hitting his sister, to shut the door. I find it an interesting dynamic.  Here is why:

The mother consistently yells, “Get down off MY table.” “No! You can’t go outside.” “Stop hitting your sister.” “No come inside now.” Those are a couple of the items that this mother repeatedly says over and over again. I understand you may have an infant, or at least a five month old, but hey you chose to have three you need to watch three. If you don’t want your child on the table then explain to the child why it is not safe to be on the table. Explain the consequences of being on the table and what can happen. Take away an important toy etc. None of this ever happens. All you hear is screams from the child and much crying.

Then the dad gets involved when he is there because, quite frankly I don’t think he really wants to be there much. Oh and he screams and says No! all the time as well. Is this something the children should be raised in? Should these children be raised better? Should parents have to go through parenting classes? I would say yes to it all.

I have a friend who has three very young children. One small boy and a pair of twins. She is doing it right and I commend her. This family behind me is only going to see growing problems in the future and a child who is going to have many, many issues later in life.

I think I am going to grab myself a beer and my headphone to drown out the screams. Maybe put on some Hawaiian music. At least I won’t hear the crying and I’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoor.

Good luck out there parents. Please pay attention to your children and provide them with guidance instead of just saying- NO!


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