My Pride and Joy

We are asked to talk about our pride and joy. That one is easy-it’s my son.

Even when he can be a testy teenager, a stubborn son, or a pain in the *%#, he is still my pride and joy. He has his moments like all children do but throughout his life thus far he has been my sounding board, my star student, my sportsman, and my sympathizer. Now he is going off to college to grow up and become someone entirely awesome and do fantastic accomplishments. I couldn’t be a prouder mom.

He is my pride and joy.
Always has been, always will be.


Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy


5 thoughts on “My Pride and Joy

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  2. They can be a handful, but they are worth it! You have a very handsome son there. College? That’s got to be scary, but certainly a proud moment. My DP post was written about my son also. Those wonderful children. What would we do without them? Great post!

    • Thanks. He leaves in August and though it will be hard, I know he will do fantastic things while away. Far away at that. Not down the street like some kids. So happy for him.

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