Reconnecting- its been a long time


Connecting with friends is always a great opportunity to catch up on what has been happening, especially if you do not see them all the time or if you have busy lives. Not everyone is joined at the ear or through the fingers via cell phone to communicate with their friends these days and as you get older you have families, work and various other commitments to take care of that prohibit you from spending all your time on the phone. 

I bring up friends today because recently we have found a long lost friend and are very excited to reconnect with them and their family. It has been over 20 years and way to long. Of course, 20 years ago there was the brick type cell phones, no FB, twitter, or other known applications to really keep in touch and if someone changed their phone number or moved then that’s what happened. You may have been lucky to find them if you stayed yourself in the same state. As events happen in our lives we begin to find people again and as we all know, some are for good reasons, and some not so good. But this is for a good reason.

Some individuals that we once “called friends” we may never want to see again, but in reality we know that won’t happen. They too will always be a friend in some form or fashion. It might just change to colleague or acquaintance. We will always have something that we know about them and will always share some bond with them. We just need to move on and foster new friendships and leave those behind who don’t value our time or reconnect with those who you haven’t been in touch with in years. You never know what lies on the horizon.

So today is to friendship. May you all have a pleasant day and reach out to a friend, even if it is just to say, “I was thinking about ya today.”



2 thoughts on “Reconnecting- its been a long time

  1. That’s wonderful that you found an old friend. It’s always fun, and sometimes interesting, to reconnect with people from the past. Through Facebook, I’ve reconnected with people I was thrilled to hear from and others who I had to block. It can certainly go both ways. Thankfully, I also ‘spoke’ to my sister for the first time in my life (33 years) through that site. It was amazing.

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