Seeing people for who they really are

There are people in this world who think they are better than others. They believe that they are superior, that they are always right, that they have the upper hand, and that their actions can do no wrong. These individuals are fools.

I’ve encountered these individuals a lot in my life lately and I don’t know if being out of the work force has opened my eyes to it more, or if it is age that has lit the fire within to make me see who they really are as people. I do know that these people make me want to hurl. Let me give you a couple examples and please bear with me, I’m on a soapbox today.

My husband took command of a unit last year. It was his big day. An individual came to his event and they expected myself, my son, my sister-in-law, even my husband to cater to them. Now this individual can’t bother to pick up a phone and call us, text us, write to us, or even if they are in the area-stop by. But on his day, they expected us to woo them. Yea, I don’t think so. Not going to happen. Not on my watch.

Another example, a family comes down and literally is within 5 minutes of our home, but can’t say, “hey we are in town want to catch up.” Or, same family passes through area and passes through again, stops to go to store son works in. Actually stops and says, “didn’t think he’d be working.” Really, he has a job what did you think he would be doing on a Sunday afternoon?

Here is one- previous mentor. Would talk, text, have drinks and lunches. Discussed jobs, prospective jobs, book deals, family, life in general and then poof. Cannot for the life of me figure out why they all of a sudden are so high and mighty either. I knew it was time to find another mentor anyway but nothing. No communication to explain anything. I mean that hurts man. What gives. What is wrong with these people?

I keep telling myself that the world works in mysterious ways and that something will come back to these people who think that they are high and mighty, superior, or better than myself, my son, and my husband. There is no excuse for their behavior. There really isn’t. It is just called petty, cruel, underhanded childish behavior that takes me back to grade school. I have associated myself with the wrong people for far too long. I’m done with the lack of respect people give me.

It is time to break the bond with them all. The question is do I say anything about it or just go quietly?


It’s not just any door

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

I would have to buy the anywhere door. It doesn’t say that the anywhere door isn’t a compact door, so I would definitely invest in the door that folds up and slips into my purse. I would pop the door up whenever, and wherever I needed it. Poof! I would then transport myself into another dimension or into a location I would rather be.

Say I am tired of the wind (as I am now) and I wanted a much warmer, pleasant climate). I would just pop out the anywhere door and put my hand on the knob and direct my thoughts to where I would want to go. Let’s say a Hawaiian island. Just for a couple hours to get out of the wind. Turn the knob and -poof! We are in the islands.

Or even better, you are stuck in traffic and need to get somewhere for a very important meeting. Just pop your door out, (yes my door is adjustable to your surroundings) and have it take you to the parking lot of your meeting. You now are not late and are ready with time to spare. You can go next door and grab that cup of coffee that you need prior to the meeting.

So I would go for the anywhere door. No doubt about it.

Anywhere, anytime, the anywhere door is always with you.

Daily Prompt: Pick your Gadget

A parents view on graduation

The time is almost here. In just a little over three weeks (17 school days), my son will be graduating high school. It seems like yesterday he was just a toddler stumbling over Duplo blocks on the floor and learning new and exciting words that we’d teach him while reading in bed each night.

Soon he will be off to explore new academic adventures, scientific discoveries, and engage in a lifetime of real world experiences much like you and I. I am amazed at how time doesn’t stand still when we need it to and how quickly it has passed us by. How in the blink of an eye our children grow up and are off to change the world. That is why we must hold the moments we spend with them close to our hearts and cherish them.

Graduation will be bittersweet. I will deeply miss his three alarms in the morning to get up and out of bed, the constant reminders to complete homework (even though he is an excellent academic student), and the roll of the eyes whenever we ask to put the cellphone down to have a discussion; but most of all I will miss the talks we have together about the little things in life where I get to know more about my son. Graduation is the culmination of my work thus far as a parent and I hope that I have instilled the values, strength, confidence, and a solid foundation for him to move forward in life.

Seventeen school days, no Senioritis, and a successful student who is excited to wear his cap and gown awaits receiving the first diploma of many.

I know that only time will tell and parenting is never over, I just hope I have given him what he needs and that if he needs anything else he won’t forget to call or text.