Just put it down

I was reading a magazine this morning and came across a small snippet. It stated that 42 states have a ban on texting while driving. 42 states. So I went online and found the following site http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html to see if in fact 42 states actually do ban this phenomena and I find that 43 do. Fantastic! Finally states are catching on that it is not okay to text and drive. So how come there are so many individuals still on the road putting others in harms way because they can’t put their phones down long enough to get from stop light to stop light or location to location because the text messaging, instagram, Facebook, and tweet is more important?

It isn’t just teenagers either, whom a lot of people think are the root of all evil when it comes to texting while driving. I see mom’s with infants in car seats doing this and then swerving back into the lane they came from and saying, “oh sorry!” Sorry- really you almost hit me in my car because you are texting with small children in yours. Other cases are older individuals and middle aged folks. I’ve had enough. While you are driving, leave your phone alone. There is a middle console on a majority of cars for a reason. Women carry purses for a purpose and men, well stuff the damn phone in your pocket. Leave it alone while you are on the road and arrive alive.

That text message won’t be as important if something happens to you or others.

I will now get back to my regular Friday activities. Thank you for listening.


3 thoughts on “Just put it down

    • Wow! We haven’t seen that one, but the law enforcement professionals don’t seem to stop those who have them in their hands, on their shoulders, or in their teeth while they drive around here. What message are they sending? What really gets me, is a mom, who is a law enforcement spouse said,”it doesn’t apt to me”. Excuse me! Just because you are married to the law doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply. She pulls out her husbands card, just like when she speeds. Isn’t that something.

      So why have a law then?

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