Communication is hard for some

I’ve talked a lot about communication. I find that it is important especially when it comes to relationships. If you don’t communicate with the individuals you have relationships with there is bound to be trouble. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship either. It can be a friendly relationship, work relationship, even a familial relationship. Whatever it might be, communication really is the key.

Recently I’ve experienced some strange encounters with folks in regards to communication. I say this because I’ve had both too much communication and too little communication. When I say too much, I mean an extreme overload of information in a short amount of time. Then there are the too little folks. They give you bits and pieces and hope for you to get the meaning without really telling you what is going on. How are you suppose to be supportive if you don’t have all the information? Hmmm…. I don’t understand that one.

So that leaves me with someone like me. I like to share information but have been told I share too much. The problem is, I am sharing with the people that I care about and I thought that sharing what is happening in your life and what concerns you was something you should be doing. Am I wrong in thinking those thoughts? I don’t think it is right to keep things bottled up inside and wish them away because that never happens. Everyone needs to be able to talk to others. That is the basis of communication to sort things out and communicate with one another; Imparting wisdom between individuals, etc.

But I’ve also found there is a difference between someone who wants to listen and someone who blocks what you are saying as well. The listener will be engaged in the conversation. They won’t brush you aside or play video games, look at their phone or check their email. They will discuss the situation with you and talk with you. The individual who blocks the communication will do everything else. They tune you out of every possible situation that you bring up. You talk only to the walls and I’ve learned that while my walls are very nice in color, it is better talking to a live human being.

Therefore, I am here today on my soapbox to say that if you aren’t being heard, stop talking to the wrong people. It isn’t worthy it anymore. Find others who will listen and give you the compassion and consideration you need. Sometimes it really does take just that minute or two of observation to sink in for you to see that who you communicate with really can make a difference in who you are and how you feel about yourself too.

Rethink what you are communicating and who you are communicating it too. The person sitting next to you may not always be the best choice.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

I’ve been wanting to get back here and grab more of these but just haven’t made my way. These are delightful. My take on containers this week. Enjoy!


WPC: Containers

Simple rules for simple lives

1. Don’t live in the past. What happened happened. Move on.

2. Let go of the unnecessary drama that surrounds you.

3. People who are negative weigh you down- get rid of them.

4. Live within your means. Anything other is not simple.

5. Always say please and thank you. Someone will do the same for you one day.

6. When needed, count to 10 and breathe. Then move on with your day.

7. Failure happens, embrace it and learn from it. If you don’t fail, you have not lived.

8. Enjoy the small things in life. When they are gone you can’t get them back.

9. Be the best you can be, even on days you feel terrible inside.

10. Smile. Sometimes it may be the hardest thing to do, but someone else may need a smile in their life too.