There has to be pain to achieve greatness

Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship?

No I don’t agree. I believe that everyone should endure some hardship to achieve greatness.

For example, I run. In order to finish a half marathon you don’t just step out onto the course for the first time and achieve your goal. You need to train, put in the miles. Work for the end product. If I were to step out and say, ‘Today I am going to complete 13.1 miles and never train because I am superb’, I would be an idiot. See you in the ER folks. Every great man and woman has had a setback on the road to greatness. It is how we learn.

So, without pain there is no gain.

Daily Prompt: Pains and Gains


Accomplishment well worth the wait!

Today has been a win-win for me.

I have been waiting and waiting for this day to arrive. My mind is now free and clear and I no longer have the need or pull that I once had to support a friendship that was only one sided in nature. I had the courage to stand up for myself today. To “own” my part in the disastrous, downward spiral of a hard learned lesson and pick up the pieces to move on. I owned today and I will own tomorrow. There is no turning back, there is only putting one foot in front of the other. I made my points, I stuck to what I needed to say and although it took every ounce of courage that I had, I walked out the door. Sometimes in life that is what you need to do. It is a process. It is the culmination of all wrong that has come of what once was and the fresh new beginning of what will soon be.

What has helped me get to this point has been the following:

1) A discussion with a colleague about friends. You learn a lot just by listening.

2) Extended travel and time to yourself to think about these endeavors.

3) My playlist

“Roar”- Katy Perry

“Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Nothing in This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Tell That Devil”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Cold One”- Eric Church

“I Lived”- One Republic

“If I Were Me”- Sound City

“Hangin’ On a Lie”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“A Life That’s Good”- Nashville Cast feat. Lennon & Maisy

Putting all the pieces together, I finally found the strength to complete the circle once and for all. My circle is now complete. My weight is lifted and I can move on with my life. I am free.


Stiff from my run. Now what?

I’m stiffening.l My legs are a little tight from my run today and my right foot is a bit numb. Not too positive this is a good thing. I’m even a little tired, but then again training can completely thrash your body.  

Technically I was suppose to run only three miles today. That is according to the plan for the half marathon we are training for in November. However, since next weekend I do not intend to do the six-and-a-half miles as I will be on a restful vacation and would really rather do just three on the lush grounds where we are going, I opted to up the game and do six today and another three-and-a-half on Sunday.  I’m still getting the miles in just in a different way.  Besides I haven’t taken a break really from the regimen and we are gearing up for the more intense workout weeks ahead.

I’m just struggling with the stiffening at the end. I wish there was something to combat this feeling. I am trying to stay hydrated, and eating the right foods but it is just a profound stiff feeling.  Any ideas out there for what to do?  Runners, please chime in.  Need some remedies here.  I can’t imagine what I am going to feel like around 8-13 miles.