Stiff from my run. Now what?

I’m stiffening.l My legs are a little tight from my run today and my right foot is a bit numb. Not too positive this is a good thing. I’m even a little tired, but then again training can completely thrash your body.  

Technically I was suppose to run only three miles today. That is according to the plan for the half marathon we are training for in November. However, since next weekend I do not intend to do the six-and-a-half miles as I will be on a restful vacation and would really rather do just three on the lush grounds where we are going, I opted to up the game and do six today and another three-and-a-half on Sunday.  I’m still getting the miles in just in a different way.  Besides I haven’t taken a break really from the regimen and we are gearing up for the more intense workout weeks ahead.

I’m just struggling with the stiffening at the end. I wish there was something to combat this feeling. I am trying to stay hydrated, and eating the right foods but it is just a profound stiff feeling.  Any ideas out there for what to do?  Runners, please chime in.  Need some remedies here.  I can’t imagine what I am going to feel like around 8-13 miles.




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