Much needed rain

It’s raining. I woke up to much needed rain and it sounds beautiful. Being in a drought brings sometimes the worst conditions to the land and then the best sounds you can only imagine.

We are experiencing a horrendous fire here in Northern California, and although this rain may not help more than slightly (a percentage or two) the ground is screaming with joy for the droplets that it is being fed right now. I know that it may not seem like it will make a difference to some, but for those who have had rain this summer, had rain off and on, this is truly a sight to see for us out here in the West.  It is actually raining.  I’m not talking about a couple drops like we’ve had about four months ago, because that is about what we’ve had all summer long, I’m talking about puddles, and water in gutters, and water to actually be able to use your windshield wipers.  YES, we have rain!!!!

It seems silly to get this excited about rain. If it rains for days, I might get tired of it and wish to see sunshine again but today it is just a soothing, relaxing sound. Much better than the app I’ve had to download to be able to experience lately. For the moment, I wish it wouldn’t stop but I know with time it will pass with the storm front and move on to the East.  What rain we get we are thankful for and the small experiences that come with it are treasured.


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