Stop the madness

Will others ever stop complaining? I’m finding that if you are the one who can complete tasks and do your job, others find fault in that because they can’t complete their own tasks. They create busy work for themselves to make it appear like they work. In fact, they don’t work much at all. The problem is they complain about the little, routine stupid things that go on and drag everyone else down creating an unwelcome environment. What is wrong with these people?

I’m not sure what provokes them, or brings these behaviors out, all I know is that they need to stop. The world doesn’t revolve around them, we all have things to do and places to go. Stop trying to sabotage people and just work, but work quietly.

There is this thing called professional courtesy that often people don’t seem to remember and so many need to start using. A little bit can go a very long way.


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