Training can kick your butt. I am sore, my calves hurt, and I am tired. I am hoping that I will be able to run the half marathon in November despite training these past several months but ailments seem to be sidelining me. Hip-flexor tendinitis, knee pain, calf pain, tingling toes. Everything all of a sudden is happening. Oi-vey.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles. Well I ran and walked. Can I run the whole thing without stopping? Sadly, no. However, I am still out there exercising, completing miles and determined to finish another half. I did do this in a little over 2 hours though so that is not too bad. The torture I put myself through in the end is worth it. Some may think it is pure lunacy, but really it is an accomplishment. I’m not sitting on my behind watching television eating bon-bons and wondering what is going to happen in the next segment of the show. I’m out there busting my a**.

My point here is that as we age we still need to be active and the more we get out and move, the better off we will be. Yes, I may be crazy for pushing myself to complete a half marathon with all these ailments, but ice is my friend and without pain there is no gain.

A little over a month and my half will be complete. The more miles I travel, the better off I will be in the long run.


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