Run time getting closer

It is getting close to the time that my half marathon will take place.  Two weeks from today I will be done with the half marathon and soothing my sore body next to a pool and lazy river. I’m a little disappointed that I was not able to finish my last long run yesterday and that I only finished 6 miles. My hip flexor has been giving me a bit of trouble and I was afraid that if I pushed myself to far now that I might not be able to make it in a couple weeks. Sure, I might be a bit paranoid but after as many surgeries and set backs wouldn’t anyone be paranoid?

Here is hoping that everything will be alright. Two weeks out and getting geared up and ready to go.  Trying to stay healthy, strong and in the right mind frame before we head out.


You may feel sluggish, but never quit you

Yesterday was a hard training day. I struggled. I wasn’t feeling well and a mile in I wanted to quit. My chest hurt, my legs felt like concrete and my back was burning. Everything seemed to go wrong. I don’t know if the morning training runs are too grueling right out of the gate, especially the long runs, but it was torture.

I really felt like I walked more than I ran even though my splits were about the same as my previous long run. It could have been a mental thing because I was feeling so awful. Carrying water is a drag too. On race day I won’t have to do that. I know that every 1.5 miles there will be a water station. That water bottle and the sloshing sound is annoying. I know, ‘mind over matter’ but tell yourself that when you feel sluggish and have eleven more miles to go. It feels like a brick in your hand.

It sounds like I am complaining but I know there are runners out there who have had the same type of experiences. They are the days we want to do over. The thing about these type of days is that we finish them regardless of all the problems we encountered. I pushed through all the pain, the concrete feeling in my legs, and just plain sluggishness. I knew I needed to in order to make it to the next long run day- otherwise I was quitting myself.

So for all of you out there who have a crappy run, who are feeling like you didn’t meet your expected split time today, or you feel like you failed to make your run stronger than the last, don’t beat yourself up over it. Know that you were out there doing something to improve you. It may not have been your best day, but everyday isn’t a winner. Who wins is the person inside who doesn’t give up and keeps going regardless of the outcome.

So keep moving, don’t give up, and know you matter.