Petty ways and selfish tendencies

It’s sad when people still try to one up another when a family member dies. I feel sorry for them. Shouldn’t they just thank the other member of the family for passing on the news? Do people. Or have compassion anymore?

I think that for these people there will be a time in their lives that they will have a revelation and when they do it will be entirely too late. No one will care any longer. Those of us who went out of our way to do ‘the right thing’, stepped up and answered the call for family will be rewarded. Those who are petty and have to try and back pedal out of everything, can’t answer their phones when family calls and says ‘their husband told them the bad news’. I am floored by the absolute distaste and mannerisms of these individuals. Put your selfish ways aside and grow up. At over forty you’d think you would know how to act at this point in your life.