Lesson learned

Twenty-three days into the new year and I have to say I am trying very hard to keep positive.

When things don’t go your way you have to keep trying.

When life doesn’t provide you will all the answers, you can’t give up.

When you are handed a lemon, you have to make lemonade.

When you give all the time, you will never receive in return. Stop giving.

When you trust someone and they throw it out the window, you have to let it go.

When you thought you were respected but were grossly misguided to believe something that wasn’t true, walk away from the situation.

Twenty-three days into the new year I’ve learned a lot. I still have several months to go and a lot to learn.

This is just the beginning and I’m still smiling. Just chalking it up to lessons learned.


A new year

Hello 2015!!!

Finally a new year to bring a whole new perspective on living.

A lot is going to happen this year and it is all going to start with this month. Three days in and we are already getting ready for change. So many bright, new beginnings and I am looking forward to each.

Goodbye 2014, it’s been real. I’m looking forward to 2015 and the people that I will engage in conversation with, the new surroundings I will get to see, and all the possibilities that are out there ready to be explored. You never know what is right in front of you until you take a step in the direction you are most afraid of going.

Get out and try something new. 2015 is waiting for each and every one of us.