Change for the better

Change is always a tricky situation.

Some do not adjust well to change. Others relish in change. Recently we moved and the change has been great. It is a much needed adjustment for the family.

Yes, things are a little stressful.

-We can’t find things that the movers packed in boxes and we are scrambling to locate them, but we will find them.

-We are still trying to locate some stores in the area and other stores that we are use to don’t exist down here, but there are twice as many other stores to choose from.

-There are a ton of running trails and open spaces and that is a huge benefit. It is quiet and peaceful with no snorting pigs in the backyards or happy dogs, that isn’t allowed in the community.

-We can also see the stars at night. I know that one sounds really cheesy but when you had to drive out of the area because of lighting before to see stars it makes a difference.

Adjustment takes time but with a little patience it will all work out. We will find everything and we will figure it all out. That is what makes change so powerful. The willingness to take a risk and make a change for better or worse.

For us, change is good and I can say that with a smile. Change is definitely good.