Two kinds of People

There are people who are too big for their shoes, and then there are “People who are Full-of-Themselves”. Lately, I’ve been dealing with the second type of individuals and it wears on you. 

I guess I am suppose to be SuperWoman and not only do my job, be a mom, be a wife, and try to keep things together for a start-up right now but I am also suppose to know everything that this , let’s call them the FOT (full of themselves) knows as well- or thinks they know. Now I know quite a bit about where we should be in the start-up. In fact I don’t think we’d be where we are today in one portion of it if it weren’t for my knowledge, but the FOT feels otherwise and doesn’t want to acknowledge it. It is an “all about me” case and not a “team” or “good on ya mate well done” case at all. A little frustrating don’t you think?

So I run and get out to do things that I can to try and relieve my levels of stress. I’m looking for other ways. Ideas. Articles, books. Something to help with dealing with a overbearing, controlling individual who turns things back on you. Anyone?


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