Tortoise and the Hare

I saved two people from losing their cell phones today. Good deed done right?

I’d hope that counts. Both were at the airport and both were not even thinking about their phones. Too much in a hurry to get to their next location. At the airport I would say it is the right place to slow down and remember all of the items you came in with. A location that you may not want to slow down so much at is the freeway. 

On my way to my meeting this morning at 6am a woman decided to get in my lane and just slam on her brakes. There were no cars in front of her for at least 5 car lengths. 5! So why did she do this you might ask. Well… When I got in the lane to pass and look over, it appears she dropped her hair brush. A hair brush. Honey, do that before you leave the house in the morning. 

The traffic was the same all the way to the meeting for the next two hours though. People are either very tentative to drive or they just don’t care anymore about others on the road. Five, six, even football field length gaps on the lanes and they are just meandering down the highway. Even olive officers are passing and going around vehicles. You would think they would pull them over and cite them, but no. Just cruise on by and get to where they are going. 

So my soapbox today is people. There is a time to be slow and a time to speed up. I know each is at their own pace but consideration for others is important too.