Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind.

That was my run motto this morning.  As I kept telling this to myself I could actually feel my breathing begin to relax; I could hear the music more clearly and with each foot fall, my body become one with my run. It was a completely different experience today resulting in faster miles and a clearer head at the end.

So much has been going on and so many thoughts have been going through my head that I needed to have a clear slate today. Traveling for work a lot doesn’t give you much down time and every now and then you just need to put everything aside and hope for the best. Today was one of those days. I needed to just put it all aside and clear my mind of everything. No deadlines, no extra thoughts, no worries, no phone calls, texts, emails, meetings, nothing. I just needed to have my own time for me.

Clear your mind. The best advice I can give for a Wednesday.


Above the clouds

There is that moment when all you see is clouds. You are lifted from the world below and into the depths of an unknown. All that you’ve been thinking about recently is dissolved and everything below is on pause until you are thrust back into reality with a jarring stop on a runway. Short moments of time that give you breathing room from the world below. No one to ask about a deadline, a grocery list, what time you’ll be home, or where the next meeting will take place. Nothing. 

It is peaceful, quiet and thought collecting for those of us with so much going on each day. Take each one of the 43 minutes and enjoy because once you land it is just go go go once again. 

Take time for yourself. Find your happiness. Enjoy the moment.


Friendship in question

Sometimes we forget about our friendships. We only think about ourselves and what we have going on in our own lives. We don’t ask what has been going on in their lives, we don’t realize that their kind of busy isn’t the same as yours; we don’t see anything but our own reality. We simply forget that they have lives too, but in turn they forget that we have one too. 

Recently it has come to my attention that while I am usually a thoughtful person I haven’t stopped or asked what others have going on in their lives enough. I’m too focused on my own business and very go-go-go. After hearing this I was hurt but also looked deeper inside and thought that the friend who told me this also doesn’t check in to see how I am doing- ever. So, do I take this with a grain of salt? Do I throw this out or do I change my interactions with them? Lord knows I have always been the friend who put forth interactions first so what to do…

After much sleep and a long run my instincts told me to pull back. Friendship should work two ways. Why am I always putting forth 110% of effort when my friend is only putting forward 5%? It didn’t  make sense. It’s hard to pull back because I care about my friend but at the same time I have to care about my best interests too. Why don’t they care enough to ask how I am ever doing? I don’t think that is a selfish question, I think it is perfectly legitimate. My only resolution to why is that they don’t know how to care for friends. Something happened maybe along the way in their life or they are just a soulless person. Whatever the reason, I am still pulling back. I need too. 

So for those of you who have the same or similar situation look deep inside. You will find answers to your most troubling questions. They say your heart knows the answers to your every desire, well your soul knows the answers to your pressing questions and at times you need to follow. Don’t stay awake and have sleepless nights over them. It just isn’t worth it. 

Release your mind and live your life.