Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind.

That was my run motto this morning.  As I kept telling this to myself I could actually feel my breathing begin to relax; I could hear the music more clearly and with each foot fall, my body become one with my run. It was a completely different experience today resulting in faster miles and a clearer head at the end.

So much has been going on and so many thoughts have been going through my head that I needed to have a clear slate today. Traveling for work a lot doesn’t give you much down time and every now and then you just need to put everything aside and hope for the best. Today was one of those days. I needed to just put it all aside and clear my mind of everything. No deadlines, no extra thoughts, no worries, no phone calls, texts, emails, meetings, nothing. I just needed to have my own time for me.

Clear your mind. The best advice I can give for a Wednesday.


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