Unexpected moments

There are moments when our lives flash before our eyes unexpectedly. It could be because we were frightened, were in an accident, or had a near collision. Whatever it might be there are times that we see faces, people, places, laughter, and sadness all at once mashed together in a split seconds time and then luckily come back to reality. 

Yesterday this happened to me on my run. I was at a three way stop crossing in the crosswalk when a car didn’t stop. I felt the heat of the car on my left leg as I was running through, saw the man gasp as he let go of the steering wheel and heard another woman scream from her truck,’oh my god!’ I was terrified as I tried my best to get through and across. Everything flashed before me. I saw my son laughing and smiling with his girlfriend when we last saw him, my husband cooking dinner in our kitchen, my sister-in-law sitting in her house talking with her boys and smiling, a colleague walking toward me as they entered the building for our meeting and saying hello, my dog and adorable look when she begs, and flowers. Things I care about just quickly flashed before me and then the car stopped and I came out of the moment without a scratch, only a complete renewed look on what life has to offer. 

Don’t take what you have for granted. Live life to the fullest and always, always be present in the moment. Take risks and live your life, you never know when it will flash before you. 


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