Last run of 2015

Today I took my last run of 2015. It felt good. 3.70 miles later and I logged over 410 miles this year alone. I feel pretty good about that considering I took a little bit of time there the last couple weeks to try and heal the calf strain and get through a hectic work schedule. All in all, I am proud of my accomplishments. Over the last couple years I’ve done well and will continue to push myself to do better, eat better, and go the distance. Who knows maybe 2016 will be another PR year for me or maybe I will run more half marathons than present. Whatever 2016 brings I will continue to say my mantras as I run. Here are some to share with all of you (if you need them):

You got this

Just one more mile

Make it to the stop sign


Get’er done 

Pain is progress

There’s beer at the end

Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 bring you more miles and happiness all around. 



Rain is refreshing. It cleanses the soul and heals the pain that you may be feeling. As a child whenever it rained I use to think that it was the tears of those in heaven crying for us on Earth. Now that I am older and I look around at all the pain and suffering that happens around us, maybe as a child I wasn’t that far off. Maybe in someway it is tears from heaven trying to heal the hurt and pain here. 

So much destruction and anger goes in each day that we forget to be kind, good, and true to each other. We need more of that in our world. I’m glad that it is raining today. It helps me to cleanse my soul of the bad and begin to heal once again. Hopefully it helps others too. 

Layers of fog

I am on another flight. 

I seem to fly a lot lately. You get a lot of time to think when you are in the air. You can clear your mind of clutter and focus on what is important in life: family, health, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Where would we be everyday without any of these aspects? That leads me to my picture.



As I came in to Sacramento the other day I saw this beautiful layer of white. No it wasn’t a snow drift, though just a short 2 hours away they did have that; this was a layer of fog. Coming down through the fog it made me think about the different layers that we all hold close to us. Some are transparent and can easily be revealed to others. Some are so well hidden that when individuals chisel away at them it threatens our securities and leaves us exposed. As we approached the airport, each layer was a clear distinction to me that some people’s layers are so closely held to them because they are scared. They aren’t sure of what will happen if they open up- they lack trust not only in others but also in themselves. It made me realize that if you never peel back that layer, look beyond the fog, see through to the end- you’ll miss out on something truly special. One may miss something that they’ve been waiting for such as happiness. 

I guess my ‘ah-ha’ moment was those who never trust themselves or allow themselves to be a layer that is peeled back- well, they miss out on some of life’s best moments.

Live your life

People pass through our lives every day. In a meeting today we learned of an individual who some of us didn’t know worked on our project but made a significant impact had passed away. From what people said about the person, they seemed wonderful and I wished that I had been able to meet them. One person who knew them made a statement that resonated with me, “Live today like there is no tomorrow”. 

I think that in all that we do we should be living each moment of each day as if it were the last. Take a risk, do something out of the ordinary, talk to someone new, try something different. You never know when that last day may come. So many dreadful things happen in the world today that we need to not be scared of what is out there but embrace what we can do, feel, enjoy. 

Live your life. I know I will be. 

Do shoes make a difference or experiences?

When you go on a long run you have plenty of time to process what life throws at you. I like it because I am on the road quite a bit and this is my time to regain my composure and breathe a little before heading into another hectic week of travel. 

The other day as I was trodding down the road, I was at peace not having to think about anything except for where my foot was going to fall and if I needed to walk for a little while. Still struggling with a calf pull. Then coming towards me was another runner. All looked well and good from afar, until they got closer and I could see that they were running in vans. Vans! How does one run in vans? But wait it gets better, she was flailing her arms all over the place like a fish flops its tail fresh out of water. Now I may not be a world class runner, or an elite runner for that matter, but I know that I shouldn’t run very far in vans and the flail- no way. I wanted to say something but the look on her face was less than kind (maybe her feet hurt), and she seemed determined to get finished. Yikes!

As she passed I had to stop and just take a deep breath in for a minute and walk. It was just too bizarre for me after having such a good long decompressing run. Maybe this was a sign of how my week was going to be-odd; or maybe it was just a strange moment in time. Either way I continued on my last mile that I had to complete and finished out my run. 

Interesting how some things just strike us as bizarre, interesting, or weird but to others it is just everyday routine. Maybe that is how she runs each day, it may not bother her feet. I don’t know if I would have even noticed if I weren’t in such a decompressed mode. I think if I were in work mode it would have passed right by me. I guess I’m saying stop your world sometimes and take a look around. You never know what might make you think about things a little differently.