Do shoes make a difference or experiences?

When you go on a long run you have plenty of time to process what life throws at you. I like it because I am on the road quite a bit and this is my time to regain my composure and breathe a little before heading into another hectic week of travel. 

The other day as I was trodding down the road, I was at peace not having to think about anything except for where my foot was going to fall and if I needed to walk for a little while. Still struggling with a calf pull. Then coming towards me was another runner. All looked well and good from afar, until they got closer and I could see that they were running in vans. Vans! How does one run in vans? But wait it gets better, she was flailing her arms all over the place like a fish flops its tail fresh out of water. Now I may not be a world class runner, or an elite runner for that matter, but I know that I shouldn’t run very far in vans and the flail- no way. I wanted to say something but the look on her face was less than kind (maybe her feet hurt), and she seemed determined to get finished. Yikes!

As she passed I had to stop and just take a deep breath in for a minute and walk. It was just too bizarre for me after having such a good long decompressing run. Maybe this was a sign of how my week was going to be-odd; or maybe it was just a strange moment in time. Either way I continued on my last mile that I had to complete and finished out my run. 

Interesting how some things just strike us as bizarre, interesting, or weird but to others it is just everyday routine. Maybe that is how she runs each day, it may not bother her feet. I don’t know if I would have even noticed if I weren’t in such a decompressed mode. I think if I were in work mode it would have passed right by me. I guess I’m saying stop your world sometimes and take a look around. You never know what might make you think about things a little differently. 


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