Layers of fog

I am on another flight. 

I seem to fly a lot lately. You get a lot of time to think when you are in the air. You can clear your mind of clutter and focus on what is important in life: family, health, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Where would we be everyday without any of these aspects? That leads me to my picture.



As I came in to Sacramento the other day I saw this beautiful layer of white. No it wasn’t a snow drift, though just a short 2 hours away they did have that; this was a layer of fog. Coming down through the fog it made me think about the different layers that we all hold close to us. Some are transparent and can easily be revealed to others. Some are so well hidden that when individuals chisel away at them it threatens our securities and leaves us exposed. As we approached the airport, each layer was a clear distinction to me that some people’s layers are so closely held to them because they are scared. They aren’t sure of what will happen if they open up- they lack trust not only in others but also in themselves. It made me realize that if you never peel back that layer, look beyond the fog, see through to the end- you’ll miss out on something truly special. One may miss something that they’ve been waiting for such as happiness. 

I guess my ‘ah-ha’ moment was those who never trust themselves or allow themselves to be a layer that is peeled back- well, they miss out on some of life’s best moments.


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