Can you put a price on success or…

What price do you put on your own success?

I have often wondered over the last several weeks what value doing what we do day in and day out for people means when there are others who barely do anything and get the kudo instead. Some of us need the gratification and to hear that we are doing a good job as well and we need the compensation to match but it doesn’t always happen that way. Instead we get the work and others get nothing added to their plate. It is life right?

My question though was simple- what price do you put in your own success? Should we put a price on success or should we place it instead on happiness? Is there more of a value in our own happiness? Or do the two go hand in hand?

I’m holding out on a decision for now and weighing my options for a little while but let me know your thoughts.

Daily Prompt: Price 


4 thoughts on “Can you put a price on success or…

  1. Success is different for every person. If by success, you mean loving and being loved, then I’m successful, and that is priceless! If you say success is being a hard worker who is well compensated financially for their hard work, well, I was a hard worker, but not a successful one. 😀

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