A new road, a new beginning

I’ve often come to a place in the road where two roads meet and wondered, ‘what would happen if I chose the road that goes in the other direction?’ It isn’t on the map directions. It isn’t part of the plan, but just maybe there is something better in that one direction. I know it sounds very Robert Frost to ‘take a road less traveled…’ But when you come to that fork in the road, that crossroads in your life, should you stay the course or take a risk and go a new way? 

I’ve learned over the last couple months that you need to put yourself out there and try new things because if you don’t they may never come up again. I’ve learned that you cannot be afraid of what is ahead of you- the future hold something for all of us, we just need to accept what it has in store. 

I’ve learned that when we come to the crossroads, take the road that isn’t always the one most traveled and comfortable. There may be bumps and unknowns along the way but the difference it can make will be worth it not to mention the added bonus of different scenery. 

Choose a different path. Be your own person. 
Daily Prompt: Crossroads


The whisper

Hushed tones and quiet words are often spoken in low volume. 

The secrets we keep are so others cannot hear them.

We speak softly as we put small children to sleep to help them calm down and quiet their fears. 

And when we have something to say to someone and cannot quite get it out when we need to we speak almost as if we have no voice at all.

We whisper. 

Daily Prompt: Whisper

If a suitcase could talk…

Most people have some sort of suitcase they carry around. It may not be a travel bag with wheels and a handle. It may be a duffle bag, a backpack, or a military grade rucksack- but it is still similar to a suitcase. 

It goes places, sees things, knows things. I’ve always wondered what my suitcase would say if it could talk. Did it have a horrible flight like I did? Was it squeezed in between two other suitcases big and small under the plane as I in the main cabin? How was the cleaning service in the room while I was downstairs in the meeting- did anyone disturb anything? If only my suitcase could tell me. 

For now me though, my suitcase and I will continue to travel around until we can take a break or rest. It will keep its secrets of travel and I will continue with my adventures one location at a time. 


Daily Prompt: Suitcase



Sometimes in life we all need change. It can be a job change, a move, a partner, a nutrition change, anything in our lives but we all need it at times.

Lately I have thought about change a lot. There are things that will hopefully, fingers crossed, be changing for me in the near future. I’m keeping an open mind to it all as not everything will be as it has been and a lot of good can come out of it.

Change. It isn’t all bad.