Never underestimate a persons abilities

We often take people for granted if they know too much about a certain topic or area of knowledge. We underestimate their value to an organization or group and for some it can be detrimental to their future and for others it becomes an asset. 

Recently I’ve been underestimated and have found a better fit for my knowledge and skill set. Those that didn’t value what I brought to the table will not have the benefit of me sharing my depth and understanding of the culture, experience, and innuendos of everyday occurrences within the setting any longer. It will be their loss as they underestimated the power of a persons network. 

Never underestimate someone and who they know, what they know, and where they’ve gained their experience. My next adventure knows all too well how valuable those skills are and I’m looking forward to engaging. 

Daily Primpt: Underestimate 


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