To speak or not to speak

I have always been one to speak up and say what I felt whether it be in my personal life or in the workplace. Especially if it comes to someone talking down to you and telling you ‘you are to serious’, ‘you aren’t understanding’, ‘you need to listen’, ‘you are too literal’, ‘stop and be less personal about things because you aren’t getting it’. To be honest when people continually tell you these statements how are you not to take them personally and make you want to speak out and say, ‘are you calling me stupid? Am I just an idiot to you because that is how you are treating me.’

I am tired of people doing this. If directions aren’t clear and understandable how are others suppose to follow and don’t talk down to people as it makes people feel degraded and disrespected. It leads to hate and anger.

I speak my mind and speak up because others don’t and I don’t think that others should keep quiet. If more spoke out then it wouldn’t leave those of us that do speak up be labeled as ‘outspoken’, ‘overbearing’ etc…

So I ask 

To speak or not to speak. Would you?

Daily post: speak out


9 thoughts on “To speak or not to speak

  1. Definitely to speak!
    Even though sometimes we feel put in positions where we can’t do anything but stay quiet. I think everyone should verbalise their thoughts rather than bury them up inside.
    Great post ❤️

  2. Glad you do! I can so relate. There’s often shame associated with saying ‘I’m not clear about this, can you explain it differently or tell me more.?’ After reading Alice Miller’s writings, especially ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ I found it helped a bit as I was able to see why people might be subconsciously afraid of ‘angering’ authority figures or experiencing any kind of singling out or contempt. Your post inspires me to keep asking when things aren’t clear to me. Thank you!

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