2017 in the books

I am happy that this year is over.

I am not saying it was a bad year just one with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. Sure there were good things that happened too but I could do with a few less bumps and a lot less bruising in 2018. I am finally over 2017 folks.

Let’s recap:

-moved to the Southeast

-sold our homes, yes homes, in California (thank heavens we are out it has changed)

– son totaled his car

-work was stressful enough to cause health issues

– knee is not what it used to be and has caused issues when running- i know poor me but to keep healthy it is a bother

– the south should be warmer and we have a cold spell, it needs to go away quickly

– friends aren’t what they used to be. Thankful i am making new ones.

– life takes twists and turns and the unexpected happens at times. All good but wow was it unexpected.

– found out we are moving again.

– some family is not worth the dime you spend on them. Others are priceless.

So my recap is that i am ‘finally’ glad that 2017 is done. Lookin. Forward to 2018 with my resolutions in my pocket and my goals written out. Not giving them away or telling others just joking on to them.

Cheers and god bless everyone.

Daily Prompt: Finally


What is a Legend

We often think of a legend as someone who leaves something behind. A mark on a company, a legacy on a team, but there is a slogan for one college that resonates in the south again and again every two me you hear it, “Where legends are made”.

It is a statement about what the university produces, what they aspire to achieve and set out to make known with the students who step foot on the grounds of its university. It isn’t about being the best football team, or having a great scholar go into space, or having a famous horn player; that isn’t it at all. It is really about a choice to become a legend and become part of a legacy.

The University has embraced my son and provided an education that is above and beyond what I could have imagined. It has given me and him a sense of pride in knowing that it is a well established institution of higher learning that is committed to success in all they do.

So what is a legend? To me it is an institution that commits itself to success and academic excellence. It is The University of Alabama as it states in its message and shows us parents what it does to fulfill the higher education needs we seek for our children.

Daily Prompt: Legends