What is it really?

Intent. MVP. Ability to work.

You might see these terms when you hear the word viable in the workplace. In a product world you hear MVP all the time and it isn’t for Most Valuable Player even though when you look at it sometimes the Minimum Viable Product can be a valuable resource in the long run to get a job done.

What really is Viable though to each person? Is it the ability to work collaboratively with one another? Is it the overall intent to bring harmony to a project? Or is it just a way to get a product out the door and into the hands of the consumer-MVP.

Viable is different for each and each needs to find the answer. I live in a world of MVPs daily.

What else can it be.

Daily Prompt: Viable


2 thoughts on “What is it really?

  1. Could viability be other than maximums and minimums? Perhaps a creative viability? Paulo Coelho says also “It is our action that determines the viability of our dream.” Very intriguing take on MVP and MVP thank you kindly, very eye opening.

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