About tornin2

I love to write and always have but because of work commitments, family, and life in general it has been on the back burner. I decided to write my blog about life as we know it, or I know it. Just as I would write them all down on bits of paper, they are now here in a formatted document. Hope you enjoy them, laugh at them, or can relate. Happy blogging.

What is a Legend

We often think of a legend as someone who leaves something behind. A mark on a company, a legacy on a team, but there is a slogan for one college that resonates in the south again and again every two me you hear it, “Where legends are made”.

It is a statement about what the university produces, what they aspire to achieve and set out to make known with the students who step foot on the grounds of its university. It isn’t about being the best football team, or having a great scholar go into space, or having a famous horn player; that isn’t it at all. It is really about a choice to become a legend and become part of a legacy.

The University has embraced my son and provided an education that is above and beyond what I could have imagined. It has given me and him a sense of pride in knowing that it is a well established institution of higher learning that is committed to success in all they do.

So what is a legend? To me it is an institution that commits itself to success and academic excellence. It is The University of Alabama as it states in its message and shows us parents what it does to fulfill the higher education needs we seek for our children.

Daily Prompt: Legends


The situation

We can overcome just about anything that is put before us. The one thing that I have learned is that we need time to heal our wounds and help us resolve the problems that we have in front of us.

I say this as I have been battling a situation where I am being bullied. The individuals are condescending, belittling, relentless in their actions and no matter how much I fight back to hold my tongue and interact as appropriately as possible I am not given a fair shake or the time to resolve items. I am consistently pushed.

I am trying my best to overcome the situation but it is pushing me over the edge, making me numb and less interested in what I need to do. I am beginning to withdrawal.

I am looking to a higher power to overcome this feeling and help me through before I break completely as I feel those I’ve told aren’t helping the situation any at all.

Daily Prompt: Overcome


We all have a part of us that lies dormant. We don't want to show our true colors to people or are afraid to be ourselves at our jobs or in front of others because we'll get chastised for being abrupt or outspoken. We might even be shun from groups because we don't fit in with their ideals.

It is sad that people can't allow others to be who they are and speak their mind. It is unnerving that one can always be made out to be the 'bad guy' when others can do or say what they want. It is sad that some must lie dormant and create undue stress on their lives to get by in this world.

Individuals need to start looking at themselves and see that they are not always right, they are not always to push their ideals onto others that prior planning does create less anxiety in those they work with daily.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense to most, to me it does.

Daily Prompt: Dormant

Asking for help

It is a simple word. 


It doesn’t require a lot of muscle movement in your face to use, it doesn’t even require a lot of vocal activity it just requires a great deal of ones ego to actually do it. 

I’m not talking about the Help one needs if they are in danger. I’m talking about the help one needs to get through life. Simple stuff. Ego however gets in the way. It stifles the process for people to grow. 

I’m saying this because if you checked ego at the door there would be better communication between people. People would be able to talk more freely with one another and if they needed help from someone they could say, “I need your help with something, I’m stuck”, ” I need something and don’t know who to turn to, can you help me?” 

Help is an easy word to say if only people could do it more often.