Training pays off

Training. You train and train and then you run. Do you do as well as you want- you hope too but one can’t predict how conditions will be, body will feel, or how mentally prepared you really are. 

I bring these things up because recently my husband and I did 19.3 miles over two days. It was part of a RunDisney even in FL but the training and drive we put ourselves through to get there was more than we’d done for any 1/2 marathon we’d done previously. Already having a bad knee it was even more painful and grueling for me as I had to engage in wearing my knee brace once again- something I haven’t had to do for about three years now. 

Everything started well, which was good because the 10k was a good race. I improved my time since my last 10k by two minutes and I get good after. A bit of swelling but we were still able to walk around at least one park in the afternoon. The next day for the half, I was a little more reluctant. My time was 12 minutes over my best 1/2 and I know that at least some of that time is chalked up to standing in line for the women’s restroom or a port-a-let because they did not have enough open on the course but I was dragging by mile eight. A ring on my right hand also was beginning to feel very tight and I had to take it off and string it through my necklace. Thank goodness that I didn’t lose it on the course! My knee, well- it felt like it was about the size of a grapefruit and that the screws were screaming to come out. I kept plugging along though to finish. 

Why am I saying all this?

I trained. I had blisters, sweat, tears, and a swollen knee- I trained and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from finishing. In fact the only thing that would was going to be balloon ladies if I ever saw them come up behind me. So if you are determined enough to continue moving forward toward your goal you can do anything.

In fact, on Thanksgiving, we ran another 10k to help feed the hungry. My knee has still been bothering me and I haven’t been out there running a whole lot- but it was my best 10k yet! I shaved 3 minutes off my time I ran earlier in the month and didn’t even try. What it boils down too is that all my training and hard work paid off and I wasn’t even stressed about it. I didn’t focus on conditions, how I really felt, or how mentally prepared I was. I just went out and did my best. 

Sometimes in life that is what we all need to do. Do our best and be the best possible person we all can be. 


Last run of 2015

Today I took my last run of 2015. It felt good. 3.70 miles later and I logged over 410 miles this year alone. I feel pretty good about that considering I took a little bit of time there the last couple weeks to try and heal the calf strain and get through a hectic work schedule. All in all, I am proud of my accomplishments. Over the last couple years I’ve done well and will continue to push myself to do better, eat better, and go the distance. Who knows maybe 2016 will be another PR year for me or maybe I will run more half marathons than present. Whatever 2016 brings I will continue to say my mantras as I run. Here are some to share with all of you (if you need them):

You got this

Just one more mile

Make it to the stop sign


Get’er done 

Pain is progress

There’s beer at the end

Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 bring you more miles and happiness all around. 

Here’s to the weekend

Two days until the run. I am looking forward to heading out and putting the training I’ve done to use, even if it is a run/walk method-but hey not all of us can just run-run-run anymore. Besides with two screws in my knee, a screw in my foot, and having had three knee surgeries I am hoping it will be a success. 

I’ve got my goal time that I am looking for (no I am not saying what that is here), and I just really hope I miss the potholes on the roads. The weather looks promising for the weekend, and I am as ready as I can be.

So to all of you who are heading out for a casual run, a long run, a 1/2, full or ultra this weekend- good luck, have fun, and enjoy it will you do it.

Training days

Yesterday was a training day. Eight miles is what the chart said to do. I was going to wait to do the miles today because I had an early morning the day prior; I flew up and back across California with a very early morning flight and then a delayed flight on the way back. I really did tell myself I was going to do it in Sunday, but for some reason I went out and ran anyway. My guess is my body was telling me if you don’t go out today you are cheating yourself and may not actually go and do the miles. Psychological really. You should always get out and do some miles even if it is as far as you can go because it is training after all. You don’t want to lose moment nor do you want to be a slacker. 

I am glad that I got out yesterday even though I was tired. I did walk a bit, but I didn’t stop until my body said, “hey it’s time.” I may not have finished all eight but I got out there and didn’t give in to the thought of saying, “I’ll do it another day”, because I know that day will never come. 

So always get out and do what you can. I almost made my miles yesterday. Just couldn’t do more than 7.66 miles. 

This week will be different. 


Training can kick your butt. I am sore, my calves hurt, and I am tired. I am hoping that I will be able to run the half marathon in November despite training these past several months but ailments seem to be sidelining me. Hip-flexor tendinitis, knee pain, calf pain, tingling toes. Everything all of a sudden is happening. Oi-vey.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles. Well I ran and walked. Can I run the whole thing without stopping? Sadly, no. However, I am still out there exercising, completing miles and determined to finish another half. I did do this in a little over 2 hours though so that is not too bad. The torture I put myself through in the end is worth it. Some may think it is pure lunacy, but really it is an accomplishment. I’m not sitting on my behind watching television eating bon-bons and wondering what is going to happen in the next segment of the show. I’m out there busting my a**.

My point here is that as we age we still need to be active and the more we get out and move, the better off we will be. Yes, I may be crazy for pushing myself to complete a half marathon with all these ailments, but ice is my friend and without pain there is no gain.

A little over a month and my half will be complete. The more miles I travel, the better off I will be in the long run.

Stiff from my run. Now what?

I’m stiffening.l My legs are a little tight from my run today and my right foot is a bit numb. Not too positive this is a good thing. I’m even a little tired, but then again training can completely thrash your body.  

Technically I was suppose to run only three miles today. That is according to the plan for the half marathon we are training for in November. However, since next weekend I do not intend to do the six-and-a-half miles as I will be on a restful vacation and would really rather do just three on the lush grounds where we are going, I opted to up the game and do six today and another three-and-a-half on Sunday.  I’m still getting the miles in just in a different way.  Besides I haven’t taken a break really from the regimen and we are gearing up for the more intense workout weeks ahead.

I’m just struggling with the stiffening at the end. I wish there was something to combat this feeling. I am trying to stay hydrated, and eating the right foods but it is just a profound stiff feeling.  Any ideas out there for what to do?  Runners, please chime in.  Need some remedies here.  I can’t imagine what I am going to feel like around 8-13 miles.



Failure to stop and other issues while running

This morning while on my run I noticed several individuals not abiding by the rules of the road. I wasn’t on major streets with stop lights, however, rules of the road are still to be applied when driving.

Many individuals didn’t stop at the stop sign. They did the much known, and widely used, California stop. Roll in, partially brake and keep going. They didn’t even see me in the crosswalk. Of course I don’t know how they could miss me as I was in fluorescent yellow shorts, a bright white and purple striped tank and white and fluorescent green shoes. Hello, I practically glowed for them! Still the rolled right through.

Other individuals as I was approaching crosswalks sped through the stop so they wouldn’t have to wait for me to run through. Petty. I mean really folks it would have been safer for you to stop as one almost side-swiped another vehicle because they didn’t want to wait. Ridiculous.

Then there are those on their cell phones. They just aren’t paying attention to the road at all or others on the road with them, even if you are on the sidewalk.

This morning was an adventure already. Be safe out there folks. Regardless of how bright your clothing may be or how well prepared you may be when running, it is always the other person we need to worry about.