Training pays off

Training. You train and train and then you run. Do you do as well as you want- you hope too but one can’t predict how conditions will be, body will feel, or how mentally prepared you really are. 

I bring these things up because recently my husband and I did 19.3 miles over two days. It was part of a RunDisney even in FL but the training and drive we put ourselves through to get there was more than we’d done for any 1/2 marathon we’d done previously. Already having a bad knee it was even more painful and grueling for me as I had to engage in wearing my knee brace once again- something I haven’t had to do for about three years now. 

Everything started well, which was good because the 10k was a good race. I improved my time since my last 10k by two minutes and I get good after. A bit of swelling but we were still able to walk around at least one park in the afternoon. The next day for the half, I was a little more reluctant. My time was 12 minutes over my best 1/2 and I know that at least some of that time is chalked up to standing in line for the women’s restroom or a port-a-let because they did not have enough open on the course but I was dragging by mile eight. A ring on my right hand also was beginning to feel very tight and I had to take it off and string it through my necklace. Thank goodness that I didn’t lose it on the course! My knee, well- it felt like it was about the size of a grapefruit and that the screws were screaming to come out. I kept plugging along though to finish. 

Why am I saying all this?

I trained. I had blisters, sweat, tears, and a swollen knee- I trained and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from finishing. In fact the only thing that would was going to be balloon ladies if I ever saw them come up behind me. So if you are determined enough to continue moving forward toward your goal you can do anything.

In fact, on Thanksgiving, we ran another 10k to help feed the hungry. My knee has still been bothering me and I haven’t been out there running a whole lot- but it was my best 10k yet! I shaved 3 minutes off my time I ran earlier in the month and didn’t even try. What it boils down too is that all my training and hard work paid off and I wasn’t even stressed about it. I didn’t focus on conditions, how I really felt, or how mentally prepared I was. I just went out and did my best. 

Sometimes in life that is what we all need to do. Do our best and be the best possible person we all can be. 


Super Heroes Unite- I am Wonder Woman

When I was a little girl I loved watching the super heroes. The battled the bad guys, they fought crime, they restored goodness to all. I wanted to be a super hero to do everything that they did. 

So as I grew I thought that I would be a Nurse. They were super heroes. They fought disease, helped people live, and restored people to their former state of health when possible. Then I had surgery on my knee and saw all the blood, the drainage bag, and all the horrible stuff that came with it and couldn’t bring my self to do those things- it wasn’t the right fit for me. 

Years passed and when I got married I found a box with some old things in it. One of them was my super hero mirror of Wonder Woman. Oh I loved that mirror . I remembered how I wanted to be her and do the things she did. I could spin around and change in seconds to my flashy outfit and be someone who fought the bad guys and saved the day. I was tall too so it made being Wonder Woman even more important and spot on. Oh how I loved those days. 

Through the years I’ve kept the mirror. Always thinking about how Wonder Woman would get through or do something, having a child and doing everything a mom does makes one a Wonder Woman in itself, but to truly have the power of the lasso and to be her would be awesome. 

To me, I am a Wonder Woman. I may not have the golden lasso, the flashy outfit, or the fabulous boots, but I have my super fantastic family, my fierce mind, and my willingness to never give up. 

I still have my mirror too to remind me anything is possible. 
Discovery Prompt: SuperHero



Sometimes in life we all need change. It can be a job change, a move, a partner, a nutrition change, anything in our lives but we all need it at times.

Lately I have thought about change a lot. There are things that will hopefully, fingers crossed, be changing for me in the near future. I’m keeping an open mind to it all as not everything will be as it has been and a lot of good can come out of it.

Change. It isn’t all bad.


Help may change your life

Sometimes in life we all need a little help.

Maybe it is with a problem we are having. Maybe it is with learning how to tie a tie. It could even be with deciding on moving on to a new position at another company. Whatever it may be we are always seeking answers and for people or signs to help us with them. 

I know that not everyone of us likes to receive help or knows how to ask for help. I’ve even had a difficult time asking for help at times but I’ve learned too that help can be useful and constructive. It may not always be something we want at times but we can learn from the help that is given. 

Be open when hep is offered. Take it or leave it but at least listen. You never know when it can change your life. 

Daily Prompt: Help

21 Bags for 44 items

I said it would be no madness March. I want to have a positive month, however, I feel that I should share a troubling experience at the base commissary.

Today I had to wait for the clerk to finish her conversation with the other checker, in their native tongue, to swipe my ID card so I could continue loading the conveyer with groceries. As I was the only one in the line, I shouldn’t have had to wait, I feel the clerk should have been ready and greeted me, the customer. However, she was too busy chatting away. Once she took my card, as with any other clerk I was waiting for her to ask me which type of bag as I forgot my reusable totes. Today the clerk, Beth, didn’t even bother to ask what type of bag. So I stated that I prefer paper. She snipped back that they didn’t have paper. She of course didn’t smile either because I must have interrupted her conversation. So as I wanted to continue on my POSITIVE day, I asked her, “How about a smile then?”

“I said we don’t have paper with a smile” she snipped back. I laughed and responded to this agitation by the clerk, “That isn’t what I meant.” “I said we have no paper. That all we have is plastic.” “Okay, but you could be a little nicer to the customers and with a little less attitude.” “I have no attitude!” Her voice got higher and she started to chuckle and flick her teeth at me.

Oh my…. I guess you can’t ask someone to smile. Or even, as a customer, to lose the attitude and be kind to the customer.

I thought about going and talking to the manager but just wanted to go home. I didn’t want my month ruined by someone who will likely have it all come around to them again. Hey will be nasty again and someone else will say something. When I got home, I noticed that ended up with 21 plastic bags of groceries. Twenty-one! Some with only one or two items in them.

My one item in a bag ( this to me is a waste)

Two items that were double bagged (no reason)

I looked up online where I could recycle all these bags and found the following information:
-take them back to your grocery store for recycling (the commissary doesn’t have that program)
-use as bathroom garbage liners (already have a ton for this purpose)
-use as pet ‘pick-up’ bags ( have a ton for this too)
-do not throw in recyclable toter. Garbage company won’t take them!

So I then looked at the commissary ‘Customer Bill of Rights’. The clerk was less that cordial today and I felt unwelcome. I didn’t like the treatment in the store. Know what the first Article of the Customer Bill of Rights is? professional, courteous service. Yeah go figure.

So to keep my March madness free, I am taking the plastic bags to another store to recycle and making sure that my totes are in the car for next time. As for the clerk, I will try and steer clear from Beth at the commissary. I’d rather not go down a line where they can’t smile, won’t talk to their customers and make you feel like you interrupted a discussion with another clerk that really isn’t more important. The customer comes first, the discussion can wait for your break. Besides it only takes 12 muscles to smile and a lifetime to correct your attitude.

Approaching things differently

Out with the old and in with the new. Breath in and breath out.

As part of my no madness March, I am doing a bit of spring cleaning. It doesn’t just mean getting rid of the clutter around the house. It means dumping the negativity that accumulated as well along the way. See since I have been looking for a job it gets frustrating at times not having any results. Example, you reach out to your network and they don’t always respond. That’s a negative. So I am searching for a new approach. That’s my positive. Another example, I’ve talked about this before but there are friends who just aren’t worth your time or energy. In fact they don’t even see you on their radar or can’t even bother to pick up your phone call. That is a negative. Well, get rid of them. They are the baggage that is weighing you down. I’m doing that this month. Getting rid of the baggage and putting it to the curb for the collectors to pick up. It’s my positive.

I think that this will be a great start to my no madness March and a good way to stay positive. More to come in March…

Positive energy promotes a solid foundation for growth and change. -R.T.