To be heard

You wonder sometimes if you are heard.

I sit on conference calls a lot and when I speak up at times I don’t know if people are listening or grasping for things to do while I talk. Have I been heard?

In another situation silence makes you wonder if what you have said means you’ve been heard.

I often try to talk to my adult college age child about important matters (i.e. Scholarship deadlines, money, life plans, choices) and wonder- have I been heard. 

There are times when I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs just to see if anyone will react because I am invisible to them and unheard. 

What does it take to be heard nowadays? Does it take people to fight in the streets, post ridiculous media segments, protest for a cause that is only one sided or be part of something you know is not within your moral ground. Is that what it takes to be heard? If it is- I’d rather be silent.

Daily Prompt: Heard


Childhood Memories

Every now and then we go back in time, does anyone know what I mean? A smell, a song, a familiar sight it doesn’t matter what it is but we are taken back.  Several things take me back to my childhood and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all sunshine and roses but I do remember the happy moments most- I think we all do in some way.

My best moments to remember are playing at the beach near the lake, taking walks in the woods near the river or lake with my boyfriend, or playing in the front yard. As a child I loved to make forts out of blankets and believing I were in some other country. I am not a camper so this was the closest thing I ever got to really camping and it was perfectly fine with me. Other moments were playing with my Adventure People. Loved them. So many adventures and careers I pretended to be: EMT, Nurse, Rock Climber, Marine Life Rescue Worker, the list can go on- I had a great imagination. I also can’t leave out playing with Evil Kanevil and Dary Daring. I guess growing up in the mountains with your friends spread out throughout the Lake Tahoe basin it was hard to always get to their houses and one needed to be creative and learn to use their imagination. 

If you were to ask a GenX or GenY what they did, the answer would be different. I’m glad I was able to have fun, experience the outside and live. Your mind is an endless creative way to socialize even if it is with toys and the memories you create are lasting. 

Daily Prompt: Childhood

The whisper

Hushed tones and quiet words are often spoken in low volume. 

The secrets we keep are so others cannot hear them.

We speak softly as we put small children to sleep to help them calm down and quiet their fears. 

And when we have something to say to someone and cannot quite get it out when we need to we speak almost as if we have no voice at all.

We whisper. 

Daily Prompt: Whisper

If a suitcase could talk…

Most people have some sort of suitcase they carry around. It may not be a travel bag with wheels and a handle. It may be a duffle bag, a backpack, or a military grade rucksack- but it is still similar to a suitcase. 

It goes places, sees things, knows things. I’ve always wondered what my suitcase would say if it could talk. Did it have a horrible flight like I did? Was it squeezed in between two other suitcases big and small under the plane as I in the main cabin? How was the cleaning service in the room while I was downstairs in the meeting- did anyone disturb anything? If only my suitcase could tell me. 

For now me though, my suitcase and I will continue to travel around until we can take a break or rest. It will keep its secrets of travel and I will continue with my adventures one location at a time. 


Daily Prompt: Suitcase


Rain is refreshing. It cleanses the soul and heals the pain that you may be feeling. As a child whenever it rained I use to think that it was the tears of those in heaven crying for us on Earth. Now that I am older and I look around at all the pain and suffering that happens around us, maybe as a child I wasn’t that far off. Maybe in someway it is tears from heaven trying to heal the hurt and pain here. 

So much destruction and anger goes in each day that we forget to be kind, good, and true to each other. We need more of that in our world. I’m glad that it is raining today. It helps me to cleanse my soul of the bad and begin to heal once again. Hopefully it helps others too. 


When we share information and intimate details there is the expectation that the other person is listening, showing empathy, genuinely caring about what is being shared. However, that doesn’t always happen. We are sometimes mistaken and find they aren’t really paying attention to what we are saying at all. It is disconcerting  to find that a conversation important to us is nothing to them. It makes us shutdown, turn away, close them out. It shouldn’t but their reactions speak louder than words. 

There is a bit of hope and solitude that comes with these days and these feelings. We run. We find our inner peace and bear down. Yes it hurts that they don’t share the same world with us and we will have to figure out a way to help them see the light, but for moments in time where we need to just find some peace in the world from their lack of reality- we run. 

It is better to have peace and calm within yourself than to have worry and angst over their reactions. 

The Pushy People

You encounter them everywhere you go. They are those who cut you off on the freeway, yet their lane is free and clear; they are the people who at fireworks shows have their selfie sticks right in your view or jostle position next to you with their elbows because they need a better shot; they are even the people at work who want to one up you because they feel they can do a better job than you when all you want to do is get your job done efficiently and effectively. These people have no boundaries. They are overbearing, time consuming, and most of all annoying.

I bring this up as I’ve experienced lately a couple ridiculous individuals. Let me explain…

1.) As I was running yesterday trying to get my training miles in, this woman and her partner came past me. Now I was cruising along down a hill at a nice pace, minding my own business on the sidewalk on the right side as I should be to let those coming up the path pass, however this “lovely” woman comes up from behind and throws out her elbows and almost pushes me into the bushes as she passes coming down the hill. Now let me just say…there was no one coming up the hill and she had plenty of room to pass. She also did not use proper running etiquette and say, “excuse me”. Yes she was “lovely”. The partner just ran past and didn’t look back and here is the reason why, as they got to the bottom of the hill and he stopped to stretch for a couple seconds, she screamed at him. Boy did she scream at him. I could hear her through my headphones and see her tortured face as it contorted into a mass of evil because he stopped. Definitely something wrong with this person and I do hope that karma comes and deals her a hand of something.

2.) Selfie stickers. I’m glad Disney has banned them, but they need to do a better job of checking people’s bags (including stroller bags, diaper bags, and backpacks). These two individuals at the fireworks were obnoxious. The woman and man were both pushy with their selfie sticks and the stroller in a crowd of people. So we were hit with the stroller and their arms with selfie sticks because they we’re jockeying for position. All we wanted was to be away from them, their harsh words, and stroller, but they continued to push with their stroller into our legs as we moved forward slowly. When we finally did get ahead of them because there was a break and their stroller couldn’t get through, we landed near more selfie stickers that were also obnoxious and obviously guilty because they knew they shouldn’t have had them in the park. I made a comment to my husband about the other people and the little man who had his selfie stick in front of us got his panties all bundled. Oh my! Really people??? Relax. Abide by the rules or get out. Of course they continued to use their stick throughout the fireworks in front of us but being that they were vertically challenged it didn’t really matter to us. 

3.) The traffic hogs need to relax. You are all going the same place. Everyone is on the freeway for the same reason-we have somewhere to go. Just be patient. Cutting someone off just to be in that lane when your lane is perfectly fine is ridiculous. This guy did this last night. Found it pointless. Jumped in our lane cut whole lane off when he had nothing in front of him for like 6-car lengths. Then cruises down for a while and jumps back over to the lane he came from. Why? There was no exit nearby, no fasttrak lane, no express lane, nothing. Maybe we’ll just chalk it up to idiot driver. Agree?

4.) The one-uppers need to relax. We all go in to do our own work. No one is there to do anything else than make the company move forward, well some may micromanage but the rest of us are there to move the company forward. There are those that try repeatedly to one-up though. There has to be something else for them to do. Maybe give them a task with some crayons and big pieces of blank paper to draw out their vision like kindergarten and then toss it in the garbage can because one-upping is a time-suck for everyone. Collaboration is more productive. Be productive people, move forward not backwards.

That is my soapbox for today. Thanks for stopping by.