A run to support our troops today

Today we will run for those members associated with the Team Travis Aerial Port who lost their lives. Being part of a military family you participate in any way you can to support those who serve our country. It may be in sending care packages overseas, attending induction ceremonies, baking meals for families who have members in a hospital, or serving our Veteran’s during Thanksgiving. No matter what the participation level is, our members appreciate every ounce that we give back to them.

Today even a short 2-miles counts. So if you are a runner/walker and want to give back, take a run/walk and show your support. I know I will be.


Freedom is not free

Today is not a day for sales and shopping. Although I am sure a lot of people are out enjoying the many bargains they found in the Sunday paper. It isn’t even about lighting up the barbecue and having a block party with the neighborhood in celebration of a 3-day weekend. No, today is about honoring those who have served our country to protect our freedoms.

It is about those who served, and are serving. Across America there are people visiting cemeteries, placing flags and flowers in honor of those who have fallen. There are ceremonies taking place and moments of silence being given. There is respect being shown for those who fought for what they believed in- our country and our flag.

This morning when I took a walk with my neighbor, it was disheartening to see how few American flags were being flown outside of homes. In our four miles we counted maybe 12 total flags. Have we lost touch with what it means to be the United States of America? Are we too centered on the 3-day weekend and ourselves that we don’t remember what this country was founded on? I know that we are a diverse nation that has many different nationalities under one umbrella. We always have been. But what happened? Somewhere along the way people seem to have forgotten what the Red,White, and Blue stands for.

It isn’t just the Fourth of July that the colors are to come out and people identify themselves with America. It isn’t the baseball, hot dog, apple pie, and Chevrolet either. It comes from deep down. So the next time you see a soldier in uniform go up and simply say ” Thank you for your service.” Their face will show the humble contribution that they provide each and everyday to you and to their country. That is what today is about. Service before self. Honor, integrity, respect.

Happy Memorial Day