What is a Legend

We often think of a legend as someone who leaves something behind. A mark on a company, a legacy on a team, but there is a slogan for one college that resonates in the south again and again every two me you hear it, “Where legends are made”.

It is a statement about what the university produces, what they aspire to achieve and set out to make known with the students who step foot on the grounds of its university. It isn’t about being the best football team, or having a great scholar go into space, or having a famous horn player; that isn’t it at all. It is really about a choice to become a legend and become part of a legacy.

The University has embraced my son and provided an education that is above and beyond what I could have imagined. It has given me and him a sense of pride in knowing that it is a well established institution of higher learning that is committed to success in all they do.

So what is a legend? To me it is an institution that commits itself to success and academic excellence. It is The University of Alabama as it states in its message and shows us parents what it does to fulfill the higher education needs we seek for our children.

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My pride and joy has graduated

Tell you all about something I or someone has done that has made me proud.

Well… my son has completed high school with high honors, finished strong with stellar grades and a phenomenal GPA and walked across the stage in grand fashion over a week ago. He did not run like a madman to the back of the field at the end to collect his diploma, but sauntered to take in the last remnants of high school with his friends. He’s held his head high through the years when kids were mean, treated him bad, egged our home, peanut buttered his car, and toilet papered our trees. And again over the weekend when his aunt and grandmother only talked about their favorite grandchild on his special day (another child by the way), he just smiled and let it roll off his back. When they didn’t know what the mascot was for his future college or placed blame on our family for everything by the end of the night he just said, ‘it’s okay mom, they just have no clue what family really is all about.’ He is my pride and joy, my rock.

I could not be prouder of the accomplishments my son has made, will make, and is making. He has grown into a young man that only a handful of family who chooses to interact has watched mature.

Now off to his next adventure- UA.

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A parents view on graduation

The time is almost here. In just a little over three weeks (17 school days), my son will be graduating high school. It seems like yesterday he was just a toddler stumbling over Duplo blocks on the floor and learning new and exciting words that we’d teach him while reading in bed each night.

Soon he will be off to explore new academic adventures, scientific discoveries, and engage in a lifetime of real world experiences much like you and I. I am amazed at how time doesn’t stand still when we need it to and how quickly it has passed us by. How in the blink of an eye our children grow up and are off to change the world. That is why we must hold the moments we spend with them close to our hearts and cherish them.

Graduation will be bittersweet. I will deeply miss his three alarms in the morning to get up and out of bed, the constant reminders to complete homework (even though he is an excellent academic student), and the roll of the eyes whenever we ask to put the cellphone down to have a discussion; but most of all I will miss the talks we have together about the little things in life where I get to know more about my son. Graduation is the culmination of my work thus far as a parent and I hope that I have instilled the values, strength, confidence, and a solid foundation for him to move forward in life.

Seventeen school days, no Senioritis, and a successful student who is excited to wear his cap and gown awaits receiving the first diploma of many.

I know that only time will tell and parenting is never over, I just hope I have given him what he needs and that if he needs anything else he won’t forget to call or text.


My Pride and Joy

We are asked to talk about our pride and joy. That one is easy-it’s my son.

Even when he can be a testy teenager, a stubborn son, or a pain in the *%#, he is still my pride and joy. He has his moments like all children do but throughout his life thus far he has been my sounding board, my star student, my sportsman, and my sympathizer. Now he is going off to college to grow up and become someone entirely awesome and do fantastic accomplishments. I couldn’t be a prouder mom.

He is my pride and joy.
Always has been, always will be.


Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy

The sock dilemma


Laundry is something we all have to do. We need to wear clothes, but must they come to us like this:


Every week I get socks in the mix balled up and ready for the wash. Now I usually unball them and wash them appropriately, however, a teenager about to leave for college needs to start learning it’s ‘not ok’. Release your socks from their balled up mess and let them breath. They need to air out darn it!

So this week I am going to leave the sock balls. I might even leave only the sock balls and wash the rest of the clothes. Or maybe, just maybe I’ll leave all the clothes for my son to wash.

He needs to know I draw the line at sock balls from here on out.

Honesty matters

A new month finally. I didn’t post yesterday as it was April Fool’s and all. Of course I felt like the fool and was annoyed last night when my lovely teenager decided to apply for a program at his soon to be college and really didn’t want to apply for it. Why apply then? Why not just say, ‘I really don’t think I want to do this. I think I would rather not.’ His ultimate answer, ‘I didn’t want to disappoint you and hear you get mad.’ Really. REALLY! I am more mad and disappointed now because he did apply instead of being upfront and honest. I would of rather had him not even put his name forward if he thought it would add additional work on top of his already hard major (Microbiology) and his Honors College studies. Hello, I may be driven to want him to do well, but I don’t want him to suffer in college next year.

You could see the flames coming out of my ears last night when he told me this. I don’t know sometimes how to get through to him. He doesn’t have to do everything perfect. I wish he’d understand that he just needs to be upfront about things. College is going to be tough and we will support him and have his back, but you have to be honest not only with us but with yourself.

Honesty matters.