Being Green

For the photo challenge this week, I provided different and various types of green. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green


A Morning’s Drive

My work gets me up early so I have the chance to catch some gorgeous sunrises. 

This was one in late March through Northern California farmland. 

Weekly PhotoChallege:TheRoadTaken

Shadow below sea level

My weekly Photo Challege submission. We are standing at the Salton Sea. Dead fish are among us and very eerie to be on a deserted beach at 249 feet below sea level. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


Quiet morning run

I find solitude when it is quiet and there is no one chirping in my ear about what I can do today, what I should do tomorrow, and what I need to do in the near future. 

Running helps me get away from it all in the morning.

Weekly photo challenge: solitude


Repurposed lights

Here is what I have repurposed. We go target clay shooting and what better way to repurpose the spent shells and old Christmas lights that to put the two together. 

I’ve even written an arrticle and posted it out on Yahoovoices when it was around, but that has since gone by the wayside. If anyone would like the directions I’m happy to post here. 

Weekly Photo Challege: Repurpose


Night Palm

Night Palm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up


From a planes window

My view one day out of a plane window over California.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth