Looking to the Horizon

It is a new year, a new month and a time for us to look forward.

Often times we let things linger, fester and follow us from year to year. This year is a time to be forward-thinking and move on. Let the sunset on the horizon of 2017 and all that has happened in the past and start new. We are 20 days in to a new beginning- start fresh.

It is a goal of mine to let it go this year. I’ve already let go of those people who have caused me grief and harm in the past year. I’m starting over this year and beginning fresh. I’m looking forward to the new year and new adventures.

I have a new horizon to hang my hat on.

DailyPrompt: Horizon


2017 in the books

I am happy that this year is over.

I am not saying it was a bad year just one with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. Sure there were good things that happened too but I could do with a few less bumps and a lot less bruising in 2018. I am finally over 2017 folks.

Let’s recap:

-moved to the Southeast

-sold our homes, yes homes, in California (thank heavens we are out it has changed)

– son totaled his car

-work was stressful enough to cause health issues

– knee is not what it used to be and has caused issues when running- i know poor me but to keep healthy it is a bother

– the south should be warmer and we have a cold spell, it needs to go away quickly

– friends aren’t what they used to be. Thankful i am making new ones.

– life takes twists and turns and the unexpected happens at times. All good but wow was it unexpected.

– found out we are moving again.

– some family is not worth the dime you spend on them. Others are priceless.

So my recap is that i am ‘finally’ glad that 2017 is done. Lookin. Forward to 2018 with my resolutions in my pocket and my goals written out. Not giving them away or telling others just joking on to them.

Cheers and god bless everyone.

Daily Prompt: Finally

A new road, a new beginning

I’ve often come to a place in the road where two roads meet and wondered, ‘what would happen if I chose the road that goes in the other direction?’ It isn’t on the map directions. It isn’t part of the plan, but just maybe there is something better in that one direction. I know it sounds very Robert Frost to ‘take a road less traveled…’ But when you come to that fork in the road, that crossroads in your life, should you stay the course or take a risk and go a new way? 

I’ve learned over the last couple months that you need to put yourself out there and try new things because if you don’t they may never come up again. I’ve learned that you cannot be afraid of what is ahead of you- the future hold something for all of us, we just need to accept what it has in store. 

I’ve learned that when we come to the crossroads, take the road that isn’t always the one most traveled and comfortable. There may be bumps and unknowns along the way but the difference it can make will be worth it not to mention the added bonus of different scenery. 

Choose a different path. Be your own person. 
Daily Prompt: Crossroads

The life lesson

Knowledge is power.
Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.
Build on your relationships.

Collaboration is key.

All quotes we often do in our daily lives day in and day out without giving a second thought to the why, how, or where. We do this selflessly because it is our job, our duty, our desire to please and make either the project or our boss look good or even help ourselves move forward in what we hope someday will be a promotion or next step in our career. 

However, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes we make others look too good. We help a project succeed when really the project should fail at the hands of the Director and we shouldn’t keep it afloat. Sometimes we need to stop on Friday afternoon at 5 and say, ‘I am done for the weekend, let someone else worry about what might happen.’ It is t easy for a lot of us to do that because we have passion and drive to make sure that what we do is not perfect but successful. Unfortunately it goes without being seen as valued. 

Recently I’ve come to see this first hand and it has been a very hard thing to overcome. It has been more of a slap in the face really as I see now the direction that individuals do not see me going and instead would rather work me to the ground making their project not fail. It is hard but I realize that I have to take care of myself now. I can’t worry about others, what might go wrong after the 5 o’clock hour or before the 8am timeframe. I need to focus on me. I tried to be everything to everyone and it didn’t get me a promotion, it tore me down and made me see that the fruits of my labor are just that- labor. 

So if you are like me and have passion, drive and commitment, ask yourself- is it worth it to not have your time for you or should you put the brakes on and enjoy your weekends and evenings again? 

Change for the better

Change is always a tricky situation.

Some do not adjust well to change. Others relish in change. Recently we moved and the change has been great. It is a much needed adjustment for the family.

Yes, things are a little stressful.

-We can’t find things that the movers packed in boxes and we are scrambling to locate them, but we will find them.

-We are still trying to locate some stores in the area and other stores that we are use to don’t exist down here, but there are twice as many other stores to choose from.

-There are a ton of running trails and open spaces and that is a huge benefit. It is quiet and peaceful with no snorting pigs in the backyards or happy dogs, that isn’t allowed in the community.

-We can also see the stars at night. I know that one sounds really cheesy but when you had to drive out of the area because of lighting before to see stars it makes a difference.

Adjustment takes time but with a little patience it will all work out. We will find everything and we will figure it all out. That is what makes change so powerful. The willingness to take a risk and make a change for better or worse.

For us, change is good and I can say that with a smile. Change is definitely good.

A new year

Hello 2015!!!

Finally a new year to bring a whole new perspective on living.

A lot is going to happen this year and it is all going to start with this month. Three days in and we are already getting ready for change. So many bright, new beginnings and I am looking forward to each.

Goodbye 2014, it’s been real. I’m looking forward to 2015 and the people that I will engage in conversation with, the new surroundings I will get to see, and all the possibilities that are out there ready to be explored. You never know what is right in front of you until you take a step in the direction you are most afraid of going.

Get out and try something new. 2015 is waiting for each and every one of us.

Accomplishment well worth the wait!

Today has been a win-win for me.

I have been waiting and waiting for this day to arrive. My mind is now free and clear and I no longer have the need or pull that I once had to support a friendship that was only one sided in nature. I had the courage to stand up for myself today. To “own” my part in the disastrous, downward spiral of a hard learned lesson and pick up the pieces to move on. I owned today and I will own tomorrow. There is no turning back, there is only putting one foot in front of the other. I made my points, I stuck to what I needed to say and although it took every ounce of courage that I had, I walked out the door. Sometimes in life that is what you need to do. It is a process. It is the culmination of all wrong that has come of what once was and the fresh new beginning of what will soon be.

What has helped me get to this point has been the following:

1) A discussion with a colleague about friends. You learn a lot just by listening.

2) Extended travel and time to yourself to think about these endeavors.

3) My playlist

“Roar”- Katy Perry

“Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Nothing in This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Tell That Devil”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“Cold One”- Eric Church

“I Lived”- One Republic

“If I Were Me”- Sound City

“Hangin’ On a Lie”- Nashville Cast feat. Hayden Panettiere

“A Life That’s Good”- Nashville Cast feat. Lennon & Maisy

Putting all the pieces together, I finally found the strength to complete the circle once and for all. My circle is now complete. My weight is lifted and I can move on with my life. I am free.