We all have a part of us that lies dormant. We don't want to show our true colors to people or are afraid to be ourselves at our jobs or in front of others because we'll get chastised for being abrupt or outspoken. We might even be shun from groups because we don't fit in with their ideals.

It is sad that people can't allow others to be who they are and speak their mind. It is unnerving that one can always be made out to be the 'bad guy' when others can do or say what they want. It is sad that some must lie dormant and create undue stress on their lives to get by in this world.

Individuals need to start looking at themselves and see that they are not always right, they are not always to push their ideals onto others that prior planning does create less anxiety in those they work with daily.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense to most, to me it does.

Daily Prompt: Dormant


Is September Over Yet?

There are days and then there are…DAYS. Today was one of those which I wish I could just start over. In fact, take back the entire month of September and don’t even count it, it has been a month of just ick.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe a type of plague or something, but in my world, people just really have no heart. For example, I wrote something recently about how someone had lied to me and how it altered my trust in them. The person doesn’t get it. What do I get in return, crap. I know, not everyone gets the golden apple, some are sour and fall off the truck, but really? Why don’t I ever get the golden apples? Am I asking to much for a little acknowledgement?

Another scenario, everything comes at you at one time during the month. The landscapers or should I say designer, the heating/air guys, lab testing, computer issues, malfunctions you didn’t expect, teenage issues you aren’t sure how to manage yet, everything all at once. Calgon take September away!!!! I just want October already. Screaming and tequila are not helping, I need something stronger.

Then there is the challenge this weekend. I’m running 12 hours with10 ladies for my husbands squadron for the Fisher House on base. I might not make it back without crawling over the finish line but it is for a good cause. Doing my part. Still though, where is everyone else to do their part? When do others pick up the pieces and say “hey I’ll chip in or I’ll help out”.

Yeah I know. I’m ranting and I’m frustrated because people don’t get how they make you feel and life SUCKS but tomorrow is another day right?

Well for some tomorrow is another day but for others it is an excuse to say “I’m busy.”