Stop and breathe

I recently took a trip back out to California and it dawned on me that folks there seem to be consistently in overdrive.

Don’t get me wrong, I Love California. Born, raised, wed and raised my own child there, but it has been nice to live away from the hustle and bustle. Everyone is always tapped in to something and always in such a rush.

Cars zoom in and out of traffic lanes, people push past you to get in line for coffee, airport terminals are crammed with people, it has become a constantly moving and sensory overload environment if you are not in it everyday.

Small bites nowadays. I can take small bites. I love my home state but I also like being less rushed.

DailyPrompt: Rush


Failure to stop and other issues while running

This morning while on my run I noticed several individuals not abiding by the rules of the road. I wasn’t on major streets with stop lights, however, rules of the road are still to be applied when driving.

Many individuals didn’t stop at the stop sign. They did the much known, and widely used, California stop. Roll in, partially brake and keep going. They didn’t even see me in the crosswalk. Of course I don’t know how they could miss me as I was in fluorescent yellow shorts, a bright white and purple striped tank and white and fluorescent green shoes. Hello, I practically glowed for them! Still the rolled right through.

Other individuals as I was approaching crosswalks sped through the stop so they wouldn’t have to wait for me to run through. Petty. I mean really folks it would have been safer for you to stop as one almost side-swiped another vehicle because they didn’t want to wait. Ridiculous.

Then there are those on their cell phones. They just aren’t paying attention to the road at all or others on the road with them, even if you are on the sidewalk.

This morning was an adventure already. Be safe out there folks. Regardless of how bright your clothing may be or how well prepared you may be when running, it is always the other person we need to worry about.

It’s raining

People are talking about the impact of global warming, the bitter cold in the Northeast and the warmer temperatures out West. Well folks we are finally getting some much needed rain here in California where it is dry and our ground is parched. Is the entire state getting a good drink of water? No, it never seems to rain in the entire state at one time, but at least here in Northern California our vineyards and some of the fields where you get your rice, oranges, tomatoes, and other vegetables it is getting a good soak.

I know it is nothing like what the Northeast is/has been experiencing, but it is something. Having grown up in Lake Tahoe I know all too well what winter will bring in the form of a snow storm. I’ve trudged through snow and sleet to get to a bus stop because school hasn’t been cancelled. I’ve been stuck in a snow bank, and I’ve shoveled my fair share of snow from driveways. It is part of winter. The Northeast may be getting hit over and over with storms but look how many times the West was hit with storms a while back? It’s part of a cycle. I’m happy right now that we are getting some rain. We need it.

Nature is doing its thing.