Each time your around- I Blush

I’m never too far from you as you are always in my thoughts. Each time i think about your smile, your eyes, your laugh- I blush.

After all these years I still remember the first butterflies in my stomach and the way I was giddy when we met. Flushed cheeks, nervous and excited. Blushed and young each time you get near. Every day, every moment it never gets old.

DailyPrompt: Blush


Unexpected moments

There are moments when our lives flash before our eyes unexpectedly. It could be because we were frightened, were in an accident, or had a near collision. Whatever it might be there are times that we see faces, people, places, laughter, and sadness all at once mashed together in a split seconds time and then luckily come back to reality. 

Yesterday this happened to me on my run. I was at a three way stop crossing in the crosswalk when a car didn’t stop. I felt the heat of the car on my left leg as I was running through, saw the man gasp as he let go of the steering wheel and heard another woman scream from her truck,’oh my god!’ I was terrified as I tried my best to get through and across. Everything flashed before me. I saw my son laughing and smiling with his girlfriend when we last saw him, my husband cooking dinner in our kitchen, my sister-in-law sitting in her house talking with her boys and smiling, a colleague walking toward me as they entered the building for our meeting and saying hello, my dog and adorable look when she begs, and flowers. Things I care about just quickly flashed before me and then the car stopped and I came out of the moment without a scratch, only a complete renewed look on what life has to offer. 

Don’t take what you have for granted. Live life to the fullest and always, always be present in the moment. Take risks and live your life, you never know when it will flash before you. 

Petty ways and selfish tendencies

It’s sad when people still try to one up another when a family member dies. I feel sorry for them. Shouldn’t they just thank the other member of the family for passing on the news? Do people. Or have compassion anymore?

I think that for these people there will be a time in their lives that they will have a revelation and when they do it will be entirely too late. No one will care any longer. Those of us who went out of our way to do ‘the right thing’, stepped up and answered the call for family will be rewarded. Those who are petty and have to try and back pedal out of everything, can’t answer their phones when family calls and says ‘their husband told them the bad news’. I am floored by the absolute distaste and mannerisms of these individuals. Put your selfish ways aside and grow up. At over forty you’d think you would know how to act at this point in your life.

Seeing people for who they really are

There are people in this world who think they are better than others. They believe that they are superior, that they are always right, that they have the upper hand, and that their actions can do no wrong. These individuals are fools.

I’ve encountered these individuals a lot in my life lately and I don’t know if being out of the work force has opened my eyes to it more, or if it is age that has lit the fire within to make me see who they really are as people. I do know that these people make me want to hurl. Let me give you a couple examples and please bear with me, I’m on a soapbox today.

My husband took command of a unit last year. It was his big day. An individual came to his event and they expected myself, my son, my sister-in-law, even my husband to cater to them. Now this individual can’t bother to pick up a phone and call us, text us, write to us, or even if they are in the area-stop by. But on his day, they expected us to woo them. Yea, I don’t think so. Not going to happen. Not on my watch.

Another example, a family comes down and literally is within 5 minutes of our home, but can’t say, “hey we are in town want to catch up.” Or, same family passes through area and passes through again, stops to go to store son works in. Actually stops and says, “didn’t think he’d be working.” Really, he has a job what did you think he would be doing on a Sunday afternoon?

Here is one- previous mentor. Would talk, text, have drinks and lunches. Discussed jobs, prospective jobs, book deals, family, life in general and then poof. Cannot for the life of me figure out why they all of a sudden are so high and mighty either. I knew it was time to find another mentor anyway but nothing. No communication to explain anything. I mean that hurts man. What gives. What is wrong with these people?

I keep telling myself that the world works in mysterious ways and that something will come back to these people who think that they are high and mighty, superior, or better than myself, my son, and my husband. There is no excuse for their behavior. There really isn’t. It is just called petty, cruel, underhanded childish behavior that takes me back to grade school. I have associated myself with the wrong people for far too long. I’m done with the lack of respect people give me.

It is time to break the bond with them all. The question is do I say anything about it or just go quietly?

Teach your children more than NO!

It’s a gorgeous day today. 80+ degree weather, slight breeze right now, birds are chirping, and I hear a mother yelling at her child from over the fence because he is resistant an immune to her constant screams. Yes, I am trying to enjoy y backyard and the weather and my beautiful furniture that I have back here but seriously the child rearing practices some people have need to improve.

This family I have mentioned before on here. Well now they don’t only have two children, but three now. The eldest child seems more jealous than before as you hear a constant, No!, No!, No! when he is asked to pick something up, to come inside, to stop hitting his sister, to shut the door. I find it an interesting dynamic.  Here is why:

The mother consistently yells, “Get down off MY table.” “No! You can’t go outside.” “Stop hitting your sister.” “No come inside now.” Those are a couple of the items that this mother repeatedly says over and over again. I understand you may have an infant, or at least a five month old, but hey you chose to have three you need to watch three. If you don’t want your child on the table then explain to the child why it is not safe to be on the table. Explain the consequences of being on the table and what can happen. Take away an important toy etc. None of this ever happens. All you hear is screams from the child and much crying.

Then the dad gets involved when he is there because, quite frankly I don’t think he really wants to be there much. Oh and he screams and says No! all the time as well. Is this something the children should be raised in? Should these children be raised better? Should parents have to go through parenting classes? I would say yes to it all.

I have a friend who has three very young children. One small boy and a pair of twins. She is doing it right and I commend her. This family behind me is only going to see growing problems in the future and a child who is going to have many, many issues later in life.

I think I am going to grab myself a beer and my headphone to drown out the screams. Maybe put on some Hawaiian music. At least I won’t hear the crying and I’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoor.

Good luck out there parents. Please pay attention to your children and provide them with guidance instead of just saying- NO!

To gift or not to gift

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy. While I know that isn’t a good excuse to not sit down and tap something out for a couple minutes, it is all I can offer right now.

I’ve given a lot of thought to the meaning of gift giving. Typically we give each other gifts for a reason and it shouldn’t be because “we HAVE to do it. Otherwise why give gifts at all. Just say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas and be done with it. In fact don’t say anything at all, right?

Here is my take on things:

I am sure people give gift cards for a couple reasons. 1) they know the person really likes the store and they want to help them out. 2) it is quick and painless so they opt to get it. 3) people tell others, “Just get me a gift card”. Simple enough but at least some thought was put into it.

Articles of clothing you think the person would wear. 1) you’ve never seen the person in the color before so why force them into it? 2) it is two sizes too small because no one bothered to check what size your family is– hmmm could be a returning nightmare as no return receipt accompanies present 3) it smells like mothballs. I bet it was a regifted item.

No thought put into gift at all. These are the ones you wonder why give at all. 1) socks to wear only once a year- some people don’t wear socks in warm climates. When would they wear them? 2) plastic glass identifiers for parties. You’ve been to my house how often when there was a party? We don’t use that kind of glass. 3) a catalog gift that no one can find anything useful out of. For example, a child gets a catalog gift and the options are, ready, salad spinner, screw drivers, electric shaver, etc… How is this useful. Now the child may be a teen but still… Salad spinner!!!!

I have to say if you give a gift for a holiday, birthday, as a just because, make sure it has meaning and purpose. Know the person and what they like. If all else fails go for the gift card, but please stay away from the salad spinner for teens. I felt so bad I went and bought my son something else – just because it was so thoughtless.

Gifting and the receiving

Today on my run with my husband I was thinking about gifting. Why was I thinking about gifting  while running I don’t really know but at least it kept me going on our 3 mile run this morning as I listened to music that would help me get down this breathing technique.  A lot going on in my head right now.

In days past people use to take time and put effort in to finding a gift for a birthday, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, promotion etc. These days with everything so readily available through gift cards, store checkout lines, and Facebook people don’t take time anymore. For instance, my son had his birthday in August and received a gift card through Facebook from a family member.  Now honestly I think it is entirely too tacky for the family member to send this through Facebook to my son. One, he doesn’t even go on Facebook much any longer; and two you are a family member. You mean to tell me that you don’t care about your family enough to go to a store and find a gift? It is sad and pathetic because we’ll get a response like…  “I don’t have time to go.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t know what he likes.” I have a few choice words for that… check in once and a while and you might know something other than his age.

Now maybe I sound bitter, but my husband and I try and make sure that we aren’t just giving gift cards. If we know that someone is doing repairs on their home, then we might give a gift card. If we know that for their birthday all they want is a Starbuck’s gift card because they go there everyday, then we will get the gift card. However, we aren’t going to send it through Facebook. Go to the store, get a card and mail it. 

For the same family member, I went to a store and bought a present and a card, wrapped it and mailed it for their child. Maybe I am old fashioned but even with contractors tearing up my back and side yards, training for a half marathon and feverishly looking for a job, I still had time.  It really doesn’t take long, it just takes respect for the other person.

So gifting was my topic of thought today. Not everything has to be electronic and instantaneous. Opening a gift and reading a card are some of the small pleasures people still like to do.

Oh and for my son, he actually thought that this family member forgot about his birthday until he got a nasty gram through Facebook messenger. Sorry kiddo some people just don’t have any class.