Frustrated with the job hunt

Writing and rewriting a resume and cover letter is somewhat of a daunting task. There are so many words in the English language that one can put down for a position that they held when applying for another one. You can only list so many accomplishments without sounding overbearing, overwhelming, and overqualified for some jobs that are out there. However, one cannot throw in the towel and just stop looking. We must push forward and continue to strive to find that job that everyone keeps saying, “You just haven’t found the right one yet”.

Yet. When is yet going to be found? It is heartbreaking to submit application after application and finding that nothing comes from them. I read that for every 7 applications that you turn in you might, might get an interview. I’m seriously considering the “return to school” option at this point but even then it doesn’t guarantee a job at the end of the degree sought avenue. I just want to find something that I can feel utilized, worthy, and honestly respected for my knowledge and depth of higher education in. I want to be able to help pay for my sons education for the next four years.

I really want something to come of all the applications I am putting forward. I know, jump off your soap box there are others in the same position. I just wish I knew what I was missing when I apply each time.


Is September Over Yet?

There are days and then there are…DAYS. Today was one of those which I wish I could just start over. In fact, take back the entire month of September and don’t even count it, it has been a month of just ick.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe a type of plague or something, but in my world, people just really have no heart. For example, I wrote something recently about how someone had lied to me and how it altered my trust in them. The person doesn’t get it. What do I get in return, crap. I know, not everyone gets the golden apple, some are sour and fall off the truck, but really? Why don’t I ever get the golden apples? Am I asking to much for a little acknowledgement?

Another scenario, everything comes at you at one time during the month. The landscapers or should I say designer, the heating/air guys, lab testing, computer issues, malfunctions you didn’t expect, teenage issues you aren’t sure how to manage yet, everything all at once. Calgon take September away!!!! I just want October already. Screaming and tequila are not helping, I need something stronger.

Then there is the challenge this weekend. I’m running 12 hours with10 ladies for my husbands squadron for the Fisher House on base. I might not make it back without crawling over the finish line but it is for a good cause. Doing my part. Still though, where is everyone else to do their part? When do others pick up the pieces and say “hey I’ll chip in or I’ll help out”.

Yeah I know. I’m ranting and I’m frustrated because people don’t get how they make you feel and life SUCKS but tomorrow is another day right?

Well for some tomorrow is another day but for others it is an excuse to say “I’m busy.”

TEAM- What do you mean?

What does TEAM mean? To some it is merely being associated with a sports team like football, baseball, soccer. Others may see it as being part of a larger group of advisors who take part in some joint venture. Still others may view it as the team that pulls the plow through the field- their mules or their draft horses.

However, I’m talking about the use of the word TEAM when we associate it to the ‘effort’ put in by more than one person and agreed upon collectively. If one part of the team falters, the whole team falters. Give and take. Equal parts. Collaboration.

I’ve come across this use of the word in many different scenarios lately and with each one it is a little frustrating. There is no ‘I‘ in TEAM. I know someone will say ‘but there is a ‘Me‘. Well… Maybe.

Here is an example of what I mean. I took my car in because we’ve been having an issue and they can’t seem to get it right. This time they said, ‘We’ll work together as a TEAM on this to get it resolved and come up with an answer.’ Ok well we provided the problems, the videos, the images and ended up having to take it back in because it happened again. I wonder what kind of TEAM approach this was because we held up our end of the bargain so what happened on their side? My car is fixed now but after much back and forth and the repeated phone calling from my end to make sure things were going as planned, why didn’t they come through with the promised TEAM effort? Hmmmm… Kind of makes you wonder how loose of a term this really is.

This is just one example, as I’ve said it has happened lately several times. Each one very similar to the one above. I guess I’m saying the next time I hear “let’s work on that as a TEAM”, or “we’ll work together as a TEAM on this….”, I’m going to have to step back and evaluate the whole picture a little more before I say, ‘OK sure that sounds great!’ because before you know it, I might just get suckered in to doing all the follow up one more time.