Perspective on Strategy

There is a strategy that one should have when playing a game- if you want to win.

There is a strategy to having a leg up in the competition if you want to be ahead in the market.

There is even a strategy to meandering through LA traffic on a given day- what time do you leave, what lane should you be in, what route is best to take.

There is a strategy for just about all situations. We just need to put aside 10 minutes a day to think through possibilities. Each of us can come up with a strategy to make our lives easier just by carving out time each day to find a better, sounder way.

DailyPrompt: Strategy


Looking to the Horizon

It is a new year, a new month and a time for us to look forward.

Often times we let things linger, fester and follow us from year to year. This year is a time to be forward-thinking and move on. Let the sunset on the horizon of 2017 and all that has happened in the past and start new. We are 20 days in to a new beginning- start fresh.

It is a goal of mine to let it go this year. I’ve already let go of those people who have caused me grief and harm in the past year. I’m starting over this year and beginning fresh. I’m looking forward to the new year and new adventures.

I have a new horizon to hang my hat on.

DailyPrompt: Horizon

Always find a way through

As I sat in a meeting recently I wondered that there has to be something missing. A loophole maybe. You always hear about companies trying to figure out what is missing and they need to figure out, so I began to wonder, ‘how can we fill in the loopholes in our own lives?’

I took a look at my every day events. While it was filled with meetings, emails and issues, there was still a loophole in being able to get things done. How was I going to complete everything I thought. Well, it was in rearranging my day. My loophole was in how I went about things. I found that I wasn’t making the most of my day to day. I started by carving out time to turn off email to get things done. Create client docs, do tasks that needed to get done, prepare for meetings, etc. then do emails and get through tickets as I needed. The biggest thing I was forgetting that was causing a major loophole for me was taking time for me. Once I was able to tie it altogether I was more connected and centered.

I tell you all this because being that it is a new year, reevaluate your daily grind. Look at where you may have a loophole as well.

You never know how it will impact your day to day.

Daily Prompt: Loophole

Do Something for you each week

No matter what it is you do, treat yourself each week to something. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, just treat yourself.

For instance, if you lost a couple pounds that week then treat yourself to a smoothie. If you had a really good work week, treat yourself to a walk in the park/Beach. If your child did really well in school, treat them to ice cream, if you completed all your exercise routines, treat yourself with a virtual high five.

Whatever it is treat you because you need positive energy as much as the next person.

Daily Prompt: Treat

3.93 is all I could do today


I was just shy of 4 miles this morning. I am sure if I ran down the street to the end and turned around I would have made the 4 mile marker but I wasn’t watching my Nike+ Sportband nor was I looking at my phone to see the distance. I just stopped when I made it back to the house. Its alright thought. I’ll take it after only running on a treadmill this week and once outdoors due to the rain and other obligations.

I’ve noticed this past week that as we age we get more stiff and my body has been fighting the weather temperatures quite significantly. Since I had my first knee surgery 24 years ago I have always felt weather pressures. This year it is really bothering me though. After having 80 degree days and then dropping to 50 degree temperatures and cloudy, rainy weather it really took a toll on my body. I felt like I was a 90 year old woman trying to get up out of bed and not only did it effect my knees but also my back. I am beginning to think that I need to do something else like Yoga or TaiChi. I am not sure but something has to begin or I may not be moving much at all soon.

I told my husband if we are to move at all, it has to be a warm and humid location. Not that California can’t be warm, but as we get older we need warmth. Maybe that is why a lot of older folks move to Florida as they get older.

Anyway, 3.93. Not a bad ending to a week. Hope all of you out there who are training for runs have a successful week ahead. I’m shooting for 6 early next week. I’ll let you know if I get there.


A Quiet Reflection

There was a peaceful calm this morning when I walked out the door. You know the one where there is no wind, no car noises, no movement at all. The only noise that one could hear was the birds singing and flitting about. I stood there waiting for the dog to come back from her morning business romp and just breathed. Where am I heading? What lies ahead in the future? In an interview the other day I was asked what my short and long term goals were. Short term: I would like to have a job- I really do. I want to make a difference. I want to help people. I want to be able to utilize my skills and knowledge somehow. Long term: I do not know where I’ll be long term. Its funny. I use to have that all figured out but when I left my job a couple years ago it all went out the window. I know that I want to help others. I know I have the skill set to be successful. I just need to be given a chance.

This morning listening to the birds singing and flitting about preparing for their spring nesting and their futures gave me hope that maybe my future holds something bright and fulfilling as well.

Hope.Determination. Willpower. Never give up.


I’ll stay myself, but I’ll take change- thank you

Tomorrow brings us another year, a clean slate, a fresh start. I know some people want to change their lives and be someone different, but I don’t want to be someone different. I just want things to change.

Every year we make resolutions and set goals. Some we achieve- like this year. I’ve achieved running a half-marathon even after a setback with my knee. I’ve resolved to let things go that have been a drain on my life. I’ve resolved to maintain a healthier life.

This year I finally feel I’ve achieved something. I wouldn’t have done this without being myself. I still feel like something is missing though and that is what I want to change in the new year. I don’t want to be someone else I just want to change things. I need change. It has been far too long and I’m due. I’m not talking about going and getting a new haircut kind of a change. I’m talking about a whole new place, new adventures, new job (that would be very enticing) and a new way of life. I’m looking forward to a new year and new possibilities that only I control.

I’ve already thrown out the dead wood (throw out the dead wood) and I’ve set my resolutions (a handful of goals for a new year) now it is time to step forward in 2014 on my own path and take hold of my possibilities for me. I’m looking forward this year and not back, it’s time to move on.

Daily Prompt: A Brand New You : Effective Tomorrow