What does ‘team’ really mean?

We have all heard that there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

We have all been told that we need to ‘work collaboratively’ to get a project done.

We have all been told ‘don’t take it personal your teammates have your back’ when your TEAM doesn’t include you in an important collaborative decision.

But do we really work as a TEAM or are we each working for ourselves and ‘acting’ like a TEAM to get ahead?

I pose these thoughts to everyone after looking deeply at some recent project work. I find there are different types of folks in every team and I’m trying to determine how best to travel down the path without agitating to many of them to get to the end result. We need to consolidate efforts and just stop the BS. Therefore here is what I am finding.

There is ‘one-upping’- I’m better than you and have been here longer so I know all the answer attitudes. These type of folks need to just take a back seat and stop the madness. Help others don’t try to be everything to everyone it doesn’t help the cause.

There is the ‘wrings the face you are consistently wrong I’m going to go rattle and tell the boss attitude’- that doesn’t help anyone either. The tattler just makes everyone untrusting and unwilling to now share project work information. Stop with the consistent ‘run to boss for everything’ and deal with your own issues. Be one with the situation.

There is the ‘I don’t know how to do a process so I’ll ask everyone a different question try to gain your trust and then talk story behind your back about you’ person. Ok this person just needs to stop, listen, learn and for heavens sake the trash talking gets back to folks and others know who it came from so stop. Again, doesn’t help the team.

Then there is the elusive boss who doesn’t help the situation either. They tell everyone, ‘be a team player and be kind, be nice, everyone needs to collaborate or else’. Or else??? Leadership is helpful in all aspects of a project and when there is not a leader and there is no morale to go along with it because teammates are not willing to be kind to one another it makes it difficult to collaborate cohesively.

So what does TEAM really mean? There are a lot of theories out there but how are people getting through the daily grind when TEAM is really an I mentality?


Always find a way through

As I sat in a meeting recently I wondered that there has to be something missing. A loophole maybe. You always hear about companies trying to figure out what is missing and they need to figure out, so I began to wonder, ‘how can we fill in the loopholes in our own lives?’

I took a look at my every day events. While it was filled with meetings, emails and issues, there was still a loophole in being able to get things done. How was I going to complete everything I thought. Well, it was in rearranging my day. My loophole was in how I went about things. I found that I wasn’t making the most of my day to day. I started by carving out time to turn off email to get things done. Create client docs, do tasks that needed to get done, prepare for meetings, etc. then do emails and get through tickets as I needed. The biggest thing I was forgetting that was causing a major loophole for me was taking time for me. Once I was able to tie it altogether I was more connected and centered.

I tell you all this because being that it is a new year, reevaluate your daily grind. Look at where you may have a loophole as well.

You never know how it will impact your day to day.

Daily Prompt: Loophole

Do Something for you each week

No matter what it is you do, treat yourself each week to something. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, just treat yourself.

For instance, if you lost a couple pounds that week then treat yourself to a smoothie. If you had a really good work week, treat yourself to a walk in the park/Beach. If your child did really well in school, treat them to ice cream, if you completed all your exercise routines, treat yourself with a virtual high five.

Whatever it is treat you because you need positive energy as much as the next person.

Daily Prompt: Treat

Last run of 2015

Today I took my last run of 2015. It felt good. 3.70 miles later and I logged over 410 miles this year alone. I feel pretty good about that considering I took a little bit of time there the last couple weeks to try and heal the calf strain and get through a hectic work schedule. All in all, I am proud of my accomplishments. Over the last couple years I’ve done well and will continue to push myself to do better, eat better, and go the distance. Who knows maybe 2016 will be another PR year for me or maybe I will run more half marathons than present. Whatever 2016 brings I will continue to say my mantras as I run. Here are some to share with all of you (if you need them):

You got this

Just one more mile

Make it to the stop sign


Get’er done 

Pain is progress

There’s beer at the end

Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 bring you more miles and happiness all around. 

Training days

Yesterday was a training day. Eight miles is what the chart said to do. I was going to wait to do the miles today because I had an early morning the day prior; I flew up and back across California with a very early morning flight and then a delayed flight on the way back. I really did tell myself I was going to do it in Sunday, but for some reason I went out and ran anyway. My guess is my body was telling me if you don’t go out today you are cheating yourself and may not actually go and do the miles. Psychological really. You should always get out and do some miles even if it is as far as you can go because it is training after all. You don’t want to lose moment nor do you want to be a slacker. 

I am glad that I got out yesterday even though I was tired. I did walk a bit, but I didn’t stop until my body said, “hey it’s time.” I may not have finished all eight but I got out there and didn’t give in to the thought of saying, “I’ll do it another day”, because I know that day will never come. 

So always get out and do what you can. I almost made my miles yesterday. Just couldn’t do more than 7.66 miles. 

This week will be different. 


Training can kick your butt. I am sore, my calves hurt, and I am tired. I am hoping that I will be able to run the half marathon in November despite training these past several months but ailments seem to be sidelining me. Hip-flexor tendinitis, knee pain, calf pain, tingling toes. Everything all of a sudden is happening. Oi-vey.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles. Well I ran and walked. Can I run the whole thing without stopping? Sadly, no. However, I am still out there exercising, completing miles and determined to finish another half. I did do this in a little over 2 hours though so that is not too bad. The torture I put myself through in the end is worth it. Some may think it is pure lunacy, but really it is an accomplishment. I’m not sitting on my behind watching television eating bon-bons and wondering what is going to happen in the next segment of the show. I’m out there busting my a**.

My point here is that as we age we still need to be active and the more we get out and move, the better off we will be. Yes, I may be crazy for pushing myself to complete a half marathon with all these ailments, but ice is my friend and without pain there is no gain.

A little over a month and my half will be complete. The more miles I travel, the better off I will be in the long run.

3.93 is all I could do today


I was just shy of 4 miles this morning. I am sure if I ran down the street to the end and turned around I would have made the 4 mile marker but I wasn’t watching my Nike+ Sportband nor was I looking at my phone to see the distance. I just stopped when I made it back to the house. Its alright thought. I’ll take it after only running on a treadmill this week and once outdoors due to the rain and other obligations.

I’ve noticed this past week that as we age we get more stiff and my body has been fighting the weather temperatures quite significantly. Since I had my first knee surgery 24 years ago I have always felt weather pressures. This year it is really bothering me though. After having 80 degree days and then dropping to 50 degree temperatures and cloudy, rainy weather it really took a toll on my body. I felt like I was a 90 year old woman trying to get up out of bed and not only did it effect my knees but also my back. I am beginning to think that I need to do something else like Yoga or TaiChi. I am not sure but something has to begin or I may not be moving much at all soon.

I told my husband if we are to move at all, it has to be a warm and humid location. Not that California can’t be warm, but as we get older we need warmth. Maybe that is why a lot of older folks move to Florida as they get older.

Anyway, 3.93. Not a bad ending to a week. Hope all of you out there who are training for runs have a successful week ahead. I’m shooting for 6 early next week. I’ll let you know if I get there.