What does ‘team’ really mean?

We have all heard that there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

We have all been told that we need to ‘work collaboratively’ to get a project done.

We have all been told ‘don’t take it personal your teammates have your back’ when your TEAM doesn’t include you in an important collaborative decision.

But do we really work as a TEAM or are we each working for ourselves and ‘acting’ like a TEAM to get ahead?

I pose these thoughts to everyone after looking deeply at some recent project work. I find there are different types of folks in every team and I’m trying to determine how best to travel down the path without agitating to many of them to get to the end result. We need to consolidate efforts and just stop the BS. Therefore here is what I am finding.

There is ‘one-upping’- I’m better than you and have been here longer so I know all the answer attitudes. These type of folks need to just take a back seat and stop the madness. Help others don’t try to be everything to everyone it doesn’t help the cause.

There is the ‘wrings the face you are consistently wrong I’m going to go rattle and tell the boss attitude’- that doesn’t help anyone either. The tattler just makes everyone untrusting and unwilling to now share project work information. Stop with the consistent ‘run to boss for everything’ and deal with your own issues. Be one with the situation.

There is the ‘I don’t know how to do a process so I’ll ask everyone a different question try to gain your trust and then talk story behind your back about you’ person. Ok this person just needs to stop, listen, learn and for heavens sake the trash talking gets back to folks and others know who it came from so stop. Again, doesn’t help the team.

Then there is the elusive boss who doesn’t help the situation either. They tell everyone, ‘be a team player and be kind, be nice, everyone needs to collaborate or else’. Or else??? Leadership is helpful in all aspects of a project and when there is not a leader and there is no morale to go along with it because teammates are not willing to be kind to one another it makes it difficult to collaborate cohesively.

So what does TEAM really mean? There are a lot of theories out there but how are people getting through the daily grind when TEAM is really an I mentality?


Asking for help

It is a simple word. 


It doesn’t require a lot of muscle movement in your face to use, it doesn’t even require a lot of vocal activity it just requires a great deal of ones ego to actually do it. 

I’m not talking about the Help one needs if they are in danger. I’m talking about the help one needs to get through life. Simple stuff. Ego however gets in the way. It stifles the process for people to grow. 

I’m saying this because if you checked ego at the door there would be better communication between people. People would be able to talk more freely with one another and if they needed help from someone they could say, “I need your help with something, I’m stuck”, ” I need something and don’t know who to turn to, can you help me?” 

Help is an easy word to say if only people could do it more often.

Help may change your life

Sometimes in life we all need a little help.

Maybe it is with a problem we are having. Maybe it is with learning how to tie a tie. It could even be with deciding on moving on to a new position at another company. Whatever it may be we are always seeking answers and for people or signs to help us with them. 

I know that not everyone of us likes to receive help or knows how to ask for help. I’ve even had a difficult time asking for help at times but I’ve learned too that help can be useful and constructive. It may not always be something we want at times but we can learn from the help that is given. 

Be open when hep is offered. Take it or leave it but at least listen. You never know when it can change your life. 

Daily Prompt: Help

Road to Recovery: Part 4

Well… We are a little under a week out to the half marathon. I still can’t believe that the time has finally arrived. My knee is/has recovered nicely. A few catches every now and then but for the most part it is functional and a-ok. My other joints however, they ache. I could be overdoing it just to finish standing up, but it is my goal. No crawling across the line. I plan to finish standing after.

Still struggling with this breathing thing though. You think you have it down and then you don’t. It is driving me crazy but maybe when I am running with a group of other individuals it will all fall together. Let’s hope. Keep fingers crossed for me, I’ll need it. The big training run last weekend was miserable so I need to really pack in the fuels for the week to make it through the race and not have dead legs. Anyone have ideas out there on what to do to make sure I survive this?

It will be an adventurous week ahead and an interesting one at that. A couple college visits in the mix for my son and a half marathon to run but the beginning of November will be a memorable one.

It isn’t easy but I’m learning


Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

Nothing has ever been easy to ask for. As long as I can remember it has always been something that I struggle with both internally and verbally. When I finally do get to the point that I need help I find myself screaming on the inside like a Beatles concert.

Growing up I didn’t have someone do things for me all the time. Every Saturday it was time to do chores around the house. Each of us had our specific chores and during the summer months guess who was out there with the hand trimmers trimming the edges of the lawn? Oh yeah, not the gardener and not the electric trimmer either. It was do your work and then you can do what you wanted. Parents definitely put work ethic into us children early on and maybe that is why if I always wanted something done right I’d do it myself. I have not wanted to rely on people for much in my life, especially friends or coworkers. I didn’t want them to think I was incompetent. Especially in the job setting. When I did ask for help, as a woman, it was seen as someone who is weak and didn’t know their job.  That is the “feeling” that I had and at one particular job that is actually how they made you feel. So I tried to do things myself and not ask for help because I wasn’t going to be “labeled”. Now that I am at home and recovering from that job, I am still struggling with allowing people to help me with certain aspects of life.

I am coming to terms with the word HELP. I know that it isn’t always a bad thing. My wonderful next door neighbor always helps take care of my dog when I go out of town and I love that she does that. I can’t ask for help though when it comes to me.  Maybe someday I’ll get there, but for now it will have to just be baby steps.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNahS3OHPwA (The Beatles HELP- You Tube )

In response to the Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock