When you have an inkling

For the last six months I haven’t felt like things are right.

When you do everything in your power to make a client happy and you have another your company feels you failed at. Everything you do gives you an inkling that you aren’t doing the right things or that no matter how hard you try you just can’t rebound from a failure.

I know that in some companies it is one and done. You fail you are out of there. In others they like to see you fail because you learn from your mistakes; in this one, it is more like certain people can fail and they get a free pass but if you fail there is a higher expectation and you are made to feel as if you are not worth being at the company any longer.

So I have an inkling things are different and going to change. It isn’t fair even though life isn’t fair but if I were to have to leave the company then maybe it is a good thing. Failure helps you learn, it helps you grow and with some things it isn’t just one persons fault that you fail. In this case it is multiple issues that bubbles up to result in a failure, therefore, should one be held to the higher standard and have it hang over their head? No but then again that would be poor management.

So it is an inkling I have that because of how management is and because of the standard they hold some to and not all the company may or may not survive. They may and may not make profits and they may and may not have those who work hardest to support the overall company goals around because of their knee jerk reactions.

DailyPrompt: Inkling


Use of a word

We can think about the word Agile a couple different way.

“That cheetah is so Agile. Look at how it lunges forward to grab its prey.”


“We use the Agile method in our software company to complete our work and get to the bottom of our daily tasks. It helps us move product forward and out the door.”

How do you use Agile on a daily basis?

I use the later.

DailyPrompt: Agile

The life lesson

Knowledge is power.
Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.
Build on your relationships.

Collaboration is key.

All quotes we often do in our daily lives day in and day out without giving a second thought to the why, how, or where. We do this selflessly because it is our job, our duty, our desire to please and make either the project or our boss look good or even help ourselves move forward in what we hope someday will be a promotion or next step in our career. 

However, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes we make others look too good. We help a project succeed when really the project should fail at the hands of the Director and we shouldn’t keep it afloat. Sometimes we need to stop on Friday afternoon at 5 and say, ‘I am done for the weekend, let someone else worry about what might happen.’ It is t easy for a lot of us to do that because we have passion and drive to make sure that what we do is not perfect but successful. Unfortunately it goes without being seen as valued. 

Recently I’ve come to see this first hand and it has been a very hard thing to overcome. It has been more of a slap in the face really as I see now the direction that individuals do not see me going and instead would rather work me to the ground making their project not fail. It is hard but I realize that I have to take care of myself now. I can’t worry about others, what might go wrong after the 5 o’clock hour or before the 8am timeframe. I need to focus on me. I tried to be everything to everyone and it didn’t get me a promotion, it tore me down and made me see that the fruits of my labor are just that- labor. 

So if you are like me and have passion, drive and commitment, ask yourself- is it worth it to not have your time for you or should you put the brakes on and enjoy your weekends and evenings again? 

The unknown

There are times that we are unsure of how things are going in our lives. Maybe it is because we have not been able to do a particular task, or meet up with a particular person and our life seems unsure because of the consequences that stem from that experience.

Maybe we feel that we’ve been excelling at our job and we are getting mixed signals from our work environment or feel we are being sabotaged because someone else is jealous of our work.

Maybe there are people who just have nothing better in the world than to make it their number one priority to make others feel uneasy so we question their motives.

Whatever the unknowns are, trust your gut and remain vigilant at all times. You never, ever know what will come from it.

Stop the madness

Will others ever stop complaining? I’m finding that if you are the one who can complete tasks and do your job, others find fault in that because they can’t complete their own tasks. They create busy work for themselves to make it appear like they work. In fact, they don’t work much at all. The problem is they complain about the little, routine stupid things that go on and drag everyone else down creating an unwelcome environment. What is wrong with these people?

I’m not sure what provokes them, or brings these behaviors out, all I know is that they need to stop. The world doesn’t revolve around them, we all have things to do and places to go. Stop trying to sabotage people and just work, but work quietly.

There is this thing called professional courtesy that often people don’t seem to remember and so many need to start using. A little bit can go a very long way.

A Quiet Reflection

There was a peaceful calm this morning when I walked out the door. You know the one where there is no wind, no car noises, no movement at all. The only noise that one could hear was the birds singing and flitting about. I stood there waiting for the dog to come back from her morning business romp and just breathed. Where am I heading? What lies ahead in the future? In an interview the other day I was asked what my short and long term goals were. Short term: I would like to have a job- I really do. I want to make a difference. I want to help people. I want to be able to utilize my skills and knowledge somehow. Long term: I do not know where I’ll be long term. Its funny. I use to have that all figured out but when I left my job a couple years ago it all went out the window. I know that I want to help others. I know I have the skill set to be successful. I just need to be given a chance.

This morning listening to the birds singing and flitting about preparing for their spring nesting and their futures gave me hope that maybe my future holds something bright and fulfilling as well.

Hope.Determination. Willpower. Never give up.


Approaching things differently

Out with the old and in with the new. Breath in and breath out.

As part of my no madness March, I am doing a bit of spring cleaning. It doesn’t just mean getting rid of the clutter around the house. It means dumping the negativity that accumulated as well along the way. See since I have been looking for a job it gets frustrating at times not having any results. Example, you reach out to your network and they don’t always respond. That’s a negative. So I am searching for a new approach. That’s my positive. Another example, I’ve talked about this before but there are friends who just aren’t worth your time or energy. In fact they don’t even see you on their radar or can’t even bother to pick up your phone call. That is a negative. Well, get rid of them. They are the baggage that is weighing you down. I’m doing that this month. Getting rid of the baggage and putting it to the curb for the collectors to pick up. It’s my positive.

I think that this will be a great start to my no madness March and a good way to stay positive. More to come in March…

Positive energy promotes a solid foundation for growth and change. -R.T.